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  1. i use them in for everything formo basic king fishing to big stripers. i also use them for the tournaments too. when they show signs of wear is end them back to abu and for 35 bucks they will make them like new.
  2. I will be out on freeman park looking to catcha few fish this weekend, what should i target ? What baits and where to buy are recomended.
  3. still married LOL!!! i cant shake her!!!! since we have the newborn i just dont see any use for it the next few years. and the new carolina skiff is alot dryer!!!!
  4. well its a pelican tandem as you can see in the photos. email me or call me 443-235-2609 ron here with the arrival of the new baby i have realized that i have to many toys. I will let it go for $500 i paid 750 new 2 summers ago. i will add the paddles and 1 seat back it's all yours come and get it.
  5. thanks guys you can be sure that we will bring her up right.. well on the beach that is lol!!!!
  6. i cant seem ot get the photos to work SAMMMMMM help me lol okay i think i got it
  7. I figured we could just make babies lol!!!!! Here is the newest fisher-woman to Atlantic Anglers, Her name is Macey and she was born sunday afternoon. We should all be back home soon and out on the beach this spring, Rod in hand!!!!!!! Macey, Jarrett, Michelle, and I can't wait to bet back out on AI!!!!!
  8. i created a group if interested its called "atlantic anglers fishing group" feel free to join!
  9. Hey Ron,

    I thought that was you just by looking at the rig. See you soon.


  10. kindly remove the skunk from my back!!!!! after a dismal fall fishing season for me i finally got a fish worthy of a photo on here. we fished AI Saturday during the low tide. i fish in one spot with not a bump and it looked like a parking lot out there. i decided to move to a more secluded spot and on the fish cast i pulled this 37 incher in. i was still cutting bait for the other 3 rods when the rod went off. here is a photo of it with my son JARRETT. we were both very much excited.
  11. yeah not bad shots... from a cell phone.. i got alot of great shots this morning. well here was nothing else to do lol!!!
  12. fished AI form 3am this morning to 9 am.. not a bump!!!!! bait was as clean as it was when i put it on the hook. 6 hours 3 bunker worth of bait used. hey gotta save it anywhere i can times a re tight lol!!! very very calm no fish photos but hey this is just as nice HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  13. my buddy dwayne fished ai last night and sent me these pics,, what a bummer, im in lancater this weekend and a lil far from the beach..... i will be there sunday afternoon though. he caught a total of 3 puppies in a short time frame. 17 to 26 inches.
  14. Here are the results from the 4TH AMSA SURFFISHING TOURNAMENT. 1st session winners - Rick's Bait and Tackle OMEGA 79 points 2nd session winners- Rick's Bait and Tackle ALPHA 44 points 3rd session winners- Rick's Bait and Tackle OMEGA 35 points 1st place over all- Rick's Bait and Tackle OMEGA 130 points 2nd place over all- REYNOLDS RACKS 72 points 3rd place over all- FISH HOGGS 70 points Thanks to all of the anglers who fished and braved the 30+ mph NE winds on Saturday. Please share photos and stories here about the tournament..... There were a few other individual winners as well. MOST FISH JOHNNY RINGO LARGEST FISH ED CYCYK TOP MALE ANGLER JOHNNY RINGO TOP FEMALE ANGLER ANITA CHANDLER Largest fish was an 18 1/8th inch flounder Top female was a tie and decided by a coin flip between Anita Chandler of Fishfull Thinkin' and Nancy Gionatti from the Cape Hatteras team.