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  1. Highflyty, baits of choice are many. Could be herring, bloodworms, peeler crab, surf clams, bunker, or sand fleas. Two most typical rigs are fish finder and double dropper. As always the fresher the bait the better and rebait often.
  2. By later do you mean after you come back from fishing:icon_tongue:
  3. Magic thread, comes in white and orange. If the clams are alive and fresh they should stay on without it.
  4. Allright I can finally upload pictures. A few from last Thursday. 37", 38", and a 48" that went 45#. Also not pictured is a 19" flounder.
  5. Hulk, nothing beats fresh bait. Put your fish in whole, guts and all.
  6. only 15.9oz overall! That is incredible, I've always wanted to try out the carrot stix but have never had the chance.
  7. Sad to hear about the fish, glad it's starting to warm up a bit.
  8. I'm still getting familiar with conventionals in the surf and that is why I am going to get my next couple rods dual wrapped. Had a bad blowup with my Slosh on AI this year and just took it off and put on my Penn 850. Was back in buisness in less than a minute while I picked the braided birdnest.