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  1. new pc don't know how to post pics yet but the mounts are pretty simple they are a square metal tubes welded to flat stock offset to allow for bolts to use tow hook holes hope this helps
  2. fished ai/md 5am to 1pm couple skates and blowfish on the bait rod great day to be on the beach 37 on the counter on the way in on the way out no count noticed the exit gate had been broke off lot of traffic geuss it will be any day now good luck
  3. sound good hope to be down next weekend would clams from the seafood market (cherry stones)work or do you need sea clams? also how many sand fleas do you put on the hook 1 enough or load the hook? thanks
  4. fished ai/md all day sunday va line and little south of bull pen bait untouched nice to get out hope to try again in a couple weeks
  5. got a pline crimper and momoi crimps made a few short rigs turned out nice they do take some more time than tying but are easier to get the leader lengths i want hope to give them a try next weekend and see if they work
  6. hey guys been tying my f/f rigs w/80# mono and knots are a pain and hard to get consistent leaders looking at crimping anyone have recomondations on crimpers and crimps thanks steve
  7. anyone use a penn squall 15 have a 525 mag and like it alot just curios if the sqaull is as good gonna put it on a mojo heavy 12ft thanks
  8. 1st trip of year to AI/MD today no fish wind got the best of us heads up beach closed at 23 due to plovers good luck to all
  9. just read the new regs on the de govt site i am not sure how to interpret them it sounds that if you hook a shark you are to not land it are you to cut your line when see it is a shark? i dont target sharks but do catch them anybody have a better read on the regs? thanks
  10. its a double mount removed tow hooks and installed two receivers
  11. added extra bucket hooks for trash and tool buckets and the bait board from my fishing cart myself very happy with the rack just need more time to use it
  12. had a reynolds rack installed last week went with the 24x60 awesome rack and mr reynolds is a great guy to deal with
  13. talked to mr gene on fri he is doing much better and should be back in business in about 3 weeks cant wait to get the rack
  14. talked to both guys good people going with the renolds rack i am not a local and may only get to beach a handful of times i will only have 2 coolers is there a big difference or benefit of the 30x60 over the 24x60 seems to me the 30 would stick out too far on my truck just curious if there is much benefit in the 30 thanks
  15. thanks for the info