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  1. Fished Ai walk over Fri, Sat, Sun, lots of blow fish, Friday mid day sons girlfriend caught a 20" Black drum, her first fish from the surf. Great weather, nice fish. Good luck to all when the striped ones show up.
  2. Thanks for the fish report Shanan, sounds like it's getting better everyday. A little warmer air and water temps and things will really turn on.
  3. Still doing the walk over at south ocean beach, It's been a good spot in early spring, thanks AA. Any info on the parking lot, board walk over the dunes ? Two weeks till I get there. Good luck to everyone on this years spring run !
  4. Thanks Dave ,the 2 to 4 inch length is what I'am tying.
  5. What leader length do you recommend for drum and stripers ? (withe ff rig)
  6. I am looking for new 12' spinning surf rod to use on AI. I have read many forums up and down the east coast this winter and have decided on the Tica Dolphin.( UGSA 12H 2S). Where can I find this rod ? I would like to hold it first, but mainly, I want to support the little B & T folks. I am in SE PA, and can travel to NJ, DE, MD, and VA. Getting tired of internet shopping. Any info would be great!
  7. Welcome back, and good luck with new B&T, will definitely stop by in Sept. Any plans for a web site ?
  8. Cast nets are fine for recreational use, check out this web site you can download the NC fishing guide. Also don't forget your fishing license. Good luck. What town are you going to?
  9. Who has fresh bunker ? Called john henry's today, number was unavalible. any info, thanks.
  10. I would think they will be open on Sunday. check out this web site Good fishing !
  11. Here is the number for Bucks 443-513-4661 for more info try Bucks on facebook<cite></cite> [TABLE=class: hours] <tbody>[TR] [TD=class: day]Mon - Sun:[/TD] [TD=class: time] 6:00 am[/TD] [TD=class: dash]-[/TD] [TD=class: time2]11:00 pm [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE]
  12. They were the good ol' days, nice rod and reel !
  13. Thanks for the update, please keep posting any news.
  14. Hang in there, time spent on the beach = "fish"