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  1. dude you headed to fla for some red fishing and snook

  2. did you really just catch that 50.25''??? first one of the season!!!! now way!!!! seriously???

  3. agreed, in the mid twenties for sure, but great story anyways, you ask someone in the city were to fish and most of them look at you like you have seven heads.
  4. hey Ian boats ready for the trailer need help putting it back on it and we will soon be flounder fishing then ill need help with the beast bottom paint put electronics back in give me a ring fishing season is soon apoun us

  5. 4 phases of a fisherman:

    phase 1: how am i gunna catch'm

    Phase 2: I'm gunna catch my limit

    Phase 3: i'm gunna catch them BIG

    phase 4: im gunna catch them, the way I want to catch them.

    What are we?

  6. I fish a lot of local freshwater in MD, but where I really love to fish is Ocean City. Whether in the surf or the bay or even offshore, I love it all!

    And I also learned a lot of knots from that website. It's really well put together.

  7. I also have a pair of neoprene waders with built in boots, they keep me warm, which is good because the water is always freezing in maine. But boy are they heavy after awhile. I would recommend the lightweight pair too. But thats coming from a 140 pound person wearing 50 lb waders. ha.
  8. I Learned to perfect all of my knots with this website. its fully animated through each step and i think its great if you want to really learn a great variety of knots for fishing

    Grog's Fishing Knots Index

  9. these are maines striped bass regulations, and ive always wonderd what other states were.
  10. may 16th i caught my first one last year, whens it gunna be this year??? go away snow!!!
  11. these are deceivers that i tie myself, these three are tied on no. 4 mustad ill have a pic of my hand tied "sabiki" style rig soon.
  12. where do you fish out of? or I should say whats your stomping grounds for fishing?

  13. Lol. Yea, pretty much. Looking forward to sharing some info this spring/summer!

  14. nice striper, you look like your in the same situation, a young guy amoungst a bunch of old fishermen on this site.

    tight lines.

  15. My name is Ian, im a scrrenprinting shop manager, i design and produce clothing for a living. My familys fishing vessels name is the barracudaIII and we run out of York Harbor, ME. I enjoy catching stripers, macks, flounder, bluefish, tuna and anything else that swims. i hunt for deer and ducks too. i tie my own flies and tree rigs.