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  1. Took the kayak out this morning, mid bay, right after low tide. Paddled for a couple of miles on the edge of the channel trolling the tube worm again, nothing for the first hour and a half. On my way back in I decided to troll closer to the surface. A few minutes later reel starts screaming, It had to be big because once I pulled the rod out of the holder and tightened the drag my yak was turned around and off the slay went. The fish jumped once completely out of the water. Five minutes later the Rock was at the side of the yak, pulled out my scale and weighed it in at seventeen pounds. This fish was lurking around in shallow water too, less than fifteen feet deep. For those of you wondering if you should go out today do it. Nothing beats light tackle Rock fishing, can't keep them but they give you a fight.
  2. I kayak around Cove Point to Solomons Island, easy places to launch from for free would be the first parking lot on the right at Solomons. You will see a beach, not very big but its there. Also at Cove Point if you drive all the way to the light house you can park your car/truck on the side of the road and walk your yak to the beach (about 150ft walk). Trolling is the best way to go from Cove Point to Drum Point. If you don't catch anything you gotta be doing something wrong Before you launch don't forget to check weather conditions and it would be helpful to study some nautical maps of the area you will be kayaking. Free printable maps ( Atlantic NOAA Nautical Charts ) stupid to not use them. Also buoy data is updated faster than or wherever else you check the weather at as far as wind speeds and water temps go to this link here ( National Data Buoy Center ). I recommend carrying a radio if you kayak alone, never know when you will get in trouble but it is always nice to be able to call for help. Watch out for wake from the giant cargo ships, if you are not paying attention they will get you, big rollers too.
  3. Mid bay was really calm today during out going tide around noon, put my kayak in the water. Trolled a red tube worm and within fifteen minutes was hooked (barbless) to a six pound, twenty six inch Rock fish in 25-30 ft of water. Only fish of the day, for four hours. Talked to my friends father today who lives on Mill creek, next to Solomons island. Big Rocks coming up to spawn, nice view from his deck. Good signs so far, I like the warmer temperatures.
  4. Fished from Cove Point, right after slack tide 3-15-2012 from 5PM-6:50PM. Watched the clouds go by over head, wind picked up and blew the rain right on top of me. Saw birds working the water two to three hundred yards out in the channel. I got to see the majestic double rainbow, caught one Rock fish 22 inches 2lbs. Had a few more bites but missed. Not bad for fishing from the beach. I was fishing with a guy I see there by chance every season since 2009; he had told me during this past summer his neighbor caught a three foot bull shark from the cove. I am going to run one of my sharking lines out later in the season every time I camp out and see what happens.
  5. Hey Steve, we fish the same areas. I've had no luck this year so far with the live line, I live in between cove point and drum point. I've hardly seen any skates. Bait balls are running nice, I never have a problem catching bait, spot or LY. The flat I fish (Chinese mudd is what the area is called on map hot spots) on is over run by crab pots this year, all I do is feed them it seems. This is the first summer where I am kicking myself for not investing in a boat. A couple of guys I work with have been fishing where that light house used to be by the point in front of the navy base (nice rocky area). They are slaying rock fish with top water plugs. The best time is as the sun is going down in the evening. How deep are you when you live line spot for rock fish? I setup right before the crab traps so I don't get the run around which is maybe 8-10ft at high tide.
  6. I fished in solomons yesterday, I fish in between the small channel. Great size white perch and spot. Also caught a puffer fish there. If you are looking for good size blues 15+ inches you need to head to cove point beach. I am smack dab in the middle of cove point and drum point beach wise and all I catch are 10 inch blues, small croaker, small spot and white perch. Too many skate to count. I did see a rock fish patrolling the sand bar at my beach but he wouldn't hit on anything (I was using cut spot and blood worm). Also saw a baby red fish today. I'll be heading down again tomorrow afternoon and I'll let you know how it is. Your best bet for blues are in the channel just right outside drum point in a boat.
  7. Ha Ha, Sorry about the spelling errors, It was a late night and I wrote that at 2am. I'm heading out for the day though to see if I can get anything bigger. I did end up going out and getting a 3/4oz rattle trap. Also Boaters World in Solomons is going out of business and they have a nice selection of rods, reels, and lures on sale.
  8. Today I was fishing at cove lake, close to cove point beach. I saw some kids walking the beach throwing some lures in, asked if they caught anything they said a stripper last week. So I packed up my car, went home got my other rod and gear and then spent an hour fishing at the tip of the cove on cove point beach close to the gas dock. I caught two (little guys under 25 inches) in an hour or so around 6pm-7pm. One of the kids next to me caught a nice size I'd say at least 30 inches, he brought it in took the hook out and I asked if he wanted a picture he said yeah but his mom didn't want him to come home smelling like fish. Found that funny. I was using a Kastmaster lure for the first 20min and didn't caught a thing, I caught the first fish on the first cast with a rattle trap. Surprised me. I'm going to head back tomorrow for a whole day. Good luck out there everyone and have fun!