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  1. Wow, it only took me 2 months to respond to this I've been fishing out of Pohick Bay. I finally caught my first snakeheads last week. Earlier in the summer I was fishing a buzz bait and tearing them up. The last few weeks I've been using Stanley Ribbit frogs and doing ok. Here's the snakehead I managed to get on the stringer (long story lost the other 2 at the yak) [ATTACH=CONFIG]11522[/ATTACH]
  2. Been tearing them up the past couple weeks. Once by myself, once with a buddy and last with my daughter on father's day! Most fish caught on a buzz bait in less than 3' of water. I will have to resize the photos and upload them later. Saw about 25 Snakeheads in the water on Friday...can't wait to catch one of those things.
  3. Most of my fishing trips are limited to local day trips since I'm responsible for picking up the boys from day care. I haven't stepped foot on Assateague in....hmmm.....probably 3 years. I finally got to a mon-thur schedule at work, so I try and get out for at least a couple hours every friday.
  4. I was bouncing around my blog this morning making some changes and saw the link to AA! Wow, it is amazing how much Facebook and other social media (not to mention chasing twin boys around) has changed my forum habits. I hope everyone is doing well and maybe I'll start being good about posting more!!!!!
  5. Went out and did a little fishing yesterday at Occoquan Regional Park. Took the boys out for their first trip so the first half was very unproductive. After about 1 1/2 hours on the boat we decided to end the day on a good note and Ciara took the boys and headed to her parents' house. That is when the fun started. I headed back up river to a nice shoal and started casting a 1/8 oz Little Cleo spoon (silver) The tide was just starting to get moving when the shad turned on. I managed several misses, 2 in the boat, one almost in the boat then me.......then some 16 ouncers.....
  6. So I'm considering a trip down for my daughters and me. I want to stay for a week, I don't really have a preference as to which section of the keys. The girls want to Snorkel, maybe see some manatees and of course I want to fish. I'm not worried about the place I stay, actually the cheaper the better, gives me more money to play with while I'm down there. I've looked at renting a houseboat for the week, then adding on a 17' CC to tow behind so I have a fishing boat......Anyone done anything like this or have any input?
  7. Head to dutch gap. That is where I fish when I'm targetting the blue cats. I have yet to manage the monsters, but I know plenty of people who have, and have seen plenty of people catch them there.
  8. Not to mention, I think it is technically illegal to catch a Tuna from the beach, plus you must have your highly migratory fish permit etc etc.....
  9. I've done it plenty of times. My honest opinion.....Get a canoe to use as a canoe. Then get a john boat to use with the motor. To use a motor on a canoe you need to do one of two things. Get a "Scanoe", which is a square backed canoe, or hook up some sort of mounting system. Both a canoe and john boat can be picked up on Craigslist for about the same price. I often see john boats on craigslist with trailer, motor & life jackets for 350-1000. So, that addresses the $$$$ issue. two adults and two children, that is a HUGE problem with a canoe. Rated for more or not, you are going to find yourself flipped and wet, and completely out of room. When I'm fishing from a canoe, I prefer to be in the canoe by myself. Lastly, your storage option.....A 12' John boat.....well that is shorter than a 15-17' canoe A flat bottom john boat can be put upright and leaned flat against the wall, a canoe because of the rise of the front and rear will actually take up more space in the garage. I've been fishing from canoes, kayaks and john boats since I was a little kid and all 3 have their purposes, but for what you're describing, I would definitely go with a 10-14' john boat and an electric motor.
  10. What do you plan on using for bait? Frozen bunker is gonna be mush when it thaws.....Try looking around at an international market, they tend to have pretty good seafood sections, I can usually pick up bait there before my trips to the beach....
  11. 2-8 and 6-12 I think, I will check for sure tomorrow....
  12. With all that said.....The time of year you'll be down there determines A LOT! When are you planning your trip?
  13. I have a 10'6" Tica TC2, 11'6" Tica TC2 and a 12' OM. All casting. Am looking to trade for a good Spinning Heaver combo or a good sharking Combo. Will entertain any other fishing related offers though. Can provide pictures, will not ship. I am trying to consolidate my gear and get a few good combos.
  14. Ok, so my vacation got cut short by a few days thanks to Irene. The house was about 1/2 mile North of the Avon Pier. We started out with a short trip on Sat night using shrimp on Pomp and Fireball Rigs. We managed one 10" blue and a decent sized spot in the hour or so we fished. Sunday was really a good day. I had one 8' rod double over (pomp rig with shrimp). I grabbed the rod and felt a good head shake. within seconds of grabbing the rod a approx 2' fish launched out of the water, shoot its head and threw the hook....guess I'll never know what it was (couldn't tell in the short glimpse of it). I managed two Banded Rudderfish (thanks everyone for helping me identify them) on a fireball rig with shrimp not long after the lost fish. At dead high tide the fishing turned phenomenal. We started landing Pomps (all handsize, all released), spot, blues and 15" Kingfish (whiting, sea mullet, or whatever your name for them is), all on pomp and fireball rigs baited with squid, shrimp or fleas. Oh yeah, fleas were everywhere, all we had to do was shove our hands in the sand and we'd have bait for the cast. Once the tide started moving out fishing slowed down and we only managed a few more fish for the afternoon. Monday and Tuesday were slow days with catches of more blues, spot, pompano, kingfish and croaker (nothing of any size). Tue night was a shark fishing night. Yakked out whole blues and within 45 minutes had a small blacktip up and on the beach. Once that was released it was non-stop action for about 2 hours with 3 more sharks broke off until we ran out of whole blues. Wed I watched the sunrise from the end of Avon pier, it looked to be a great day, clear water, SSE wind and empty pier. I staked my claim to the north corner of the end of the pier (south corner was already taken) and threw out my anchor line. Myself and the couple other people out there grabbed our gotchas and within 15 min had about 10 blues ranging from 10"-15" in the bait buckets. 2 of which promptly got slid down anchor lines. Blues were on and off all day, menhaden made a strong showing around the pier in the morning, enough to snag a few and close enough to throw a cast net on. Only thing caught on the pins were blues on the menhaden (despite perfect looking conditions). Near the end of the day frigate mackerel were showing up in large numbers followed by the blues to finish up the day. I pulled up my anchor just after 7pm to head back and pack up so we could do the mandatory evacuation early and beat the traffic jams. Not sure if he's on here, but want to give a thanks to John for keeping me company at the end of the pier most of the day and correcting my "braining action" when hooking the live bait!!!
  15. Ok, so we got down here yesterday morning. I managed to head down to Avon pier for a few minutes waiting on house check-in time. Big rays, frigate mackerel, Sheepshead and jellyfish everywhere. Managed to fish for about an hour yesterday and hooked into a 10" blue within minutes. Ali (oldest daughter) manged a small pompano in the cast net behind the wash....My brother manged 1 spot. At least I have a little shark bait now! Hopefully heading out to the beach shortly to start fishing, hopefully if the beach isn't crowded that 10" blue will be getting yakked out!!!!!