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  1. Hello eveyone, It has been a while since i have been on here and have noticed that the reports have dropped off from last year. it seems like alot of the people are no longer active with there postings. I as well have been in and out of town with work and finally have a free weekend to do some fishing, (thank the good lord!!!) I put the boat in last night just to make sure it still ran and sure enough, cranked right up after a year of sitting. So the questions is where do i go. Has anyone been fishing the HRBT lately? I'm not looking for anyones secrets just a little help to a fellow fisherman who is lost on where to start this year. Are any colors working better then others and what is the bait of choice? Last year the only place i fished was the HRBT and this year i would like to try something a little different, maybe a different veiw / location. Does Ruddy inlet hold anything this time of year? can someone recomend a different location that has been producing some tight lines? thanks for the help in advance!!
  2. Hey Mako, When you get to the launch and your looking out into the water, the cove will be to the left about 500ish yards on the left side. The Ditch is straight foward about another 500 yrds on the right side. it is a creek that runs to the power plant but you cant get all the way back in due to a line shooting form one side to the other. Lately I have been having better luck out in the river that anywhere and as far as the color you will just have to experiment. Same with the baits, it's hard to tell which bait will work best that day. I dont use any live bait but alot of people do. I sue all artif. bait. i just seem to catch more fish on it. I hope it helps and good luck with the rockfish, have always wanted to get on some of them big boys.
  3. Hey, i was hoping to get a little help on some rockfish action. I promised my father-in-law that i would go rosckfishing with him. the problem is neither of us have ever realy fished them. he has a 19ft boat so i was thinking the cbbt. Is evening better than during the day? What baits are working best. Any thing that might help us catch a fish or two.
  4. Anouther good day Sunday. Went out about 11 and fished until the rain came at 1:30. had six nice fish and a couple small ones. no special color all seemded to work the same. there was defently alot of boat traffic and most likely wont slow until it gets to cold enough for the rod tips to ice. LOL.
  5. Hey Guys, Gals, well i finally got out to the ditch on Sat and had a decent catch. i hit the water about 1:30 with the tide being pretty low and slack. i started out around the ditch but it was pretty slow and alot of boats in there catching not much of anything. So at about 2:30 i moved my wat back to the river and started to catch some real nice fish. By 4 PM i had 6 in the boat and threw back another 2 that were dinks. so 8 fish in about 2 hours. seems like there was no real bait of choice. caught most in about 12FT of water. i had another 3 fish on that i lost, one came off at the boat that was a nice fish but the other i never saw. all in all i would have to say it was a great afternoon. it seems like the specks are starting to stage around the ditch!!!!!!!!!! i have the pics just have not had time to transfer them to the computer, i'll try tonight but for now back to the ditch for another try. good luck to all!!!
  6. hey pking21,

    well those picks are from last year but i actualy went out yesterday and did fairly well 10/31/2009. i was only out for about 2 hours and had 8 fish total. two had to be thrown back due to size but the other 6 were nice fish for this time of year. if you dont have a boat i would not waist your time in driving all the way down. thats just my opinion, i see alot of guys fishing from shore but there lucky if there get 2-3 for a whole day of fishing. if you realy want to drive down and fish call me and i would be more than happy to take you, we can split gas and ramp fee. i usualy catch a decent number of fish each time i go but do have a bad day here and there. give me a call 757-644-8430 and we can plan a weekend. the baits are secret, lol so i'll show you when you get here. talk to you soon


  7. Toad man, i hope you had a good summer, and your right the cold weather can't get here soon enough for some. it's funny you ask, i started to get the itch and went out there last week and tried the ditch area with little luck. i caught two small small trout that were probly local fish but that was all for four hours of fishing. i laso went out sat night for the strippers and caught a couple, 3 fish. so i went back out sunday night and didn't catch a fish, it's hit or miss. caught all strippers at the gilmerton, i also tried the steel bridge both nights and didnt get a bite. i was looking back at pictures from last year and the earliest i could find were we had fish from the ditch in them were from 10th of october. so it's getting realy close. hopefully this year we can get out together for a few days of fishing. i'll keep you posted as it heats up!!!!! have you been having any luck else where this summer???
  8. Sam, actualy i don't have any gulp. i've been using the assasin and redfish plastics as well as sassy shads, (green, white, blue). All weekend I pretty much trolled. Depending on the current/tide I used 1/4oz up to 1/2 oz red/green jig heads, sometimes bigger just to keep the bait bouncing on the bottom and keep the blues off them. I must have went through 3 bags of plasticks because half the time the blues would snap the tails off my baits before I could get them deep enough. I missed alot of fish but probly because they were to small for a 1/2oz jig. It seemed like the tides didn't matter, I caught them on low/high as well as out going and incomming. It's a bummer though to put in over 12 hrs of fishing time and to catch probly close to if not over 75 fish and not have one legal flounder. I think I had one that would have made it but the last minute head shake and he was gone . Do you know if late in the season if bigger fish move in???
  9. hit the HRBT this past weekend for some flounder fishing. Caught on average about 25 per trip. Out of all the fish i caught not one was a legal fish. i had a couple that where close but nothing for the dinner table. I also caught about 20 small blues. I went out three times this weekend for about four hours each trip. Even though i never landed a legal fish it was a blast and the weather was decent as well. The bait of choice was a 1/2 oz red or green jig with a pearl or green plastic redfish bait. i also had some luck on 1/4 oz bucktail jig with a twister tail on them.
  10. hey Brian,

    I had a camping trip planned for the weekend but it ended up getting washed out. So i'll be around all weekend with no work so if you go out on the ski give me a call and i'd love to join you. 757-644-8430. The wife is working Sat morning until about 3pm but anytime after that or a different day works for me.

  11. thanks for the relort. Sounds like you've had a blast now that you have found them. Hopefully they will stick in your area for a while longer.