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  1. On October 9th the Poquoson Seafood festival will be hosting a puppy drum/ speckle trout tournament. The captains meeting will be held on Friday October 8th. The Captains meeting will be from 6:30pm - 8pm. Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. The meeting will take place at the old community center in front of Poquoson High School. The weigh in will be held at Messick Point boat ramp, and will be from 3:30pm-5:00pm. The tournament it self is very different this year. It is a speck/pup tournament, with two divisions. One for boats and one for kayakers. The entry fee for boats is $50 for a two man team, and $25 for each additional angler on the boat. The Kayak entry fee is $25 per yak. The tournament will be 100% payout for each division, with the split going 60%, 30%, 10% respectively. There will also be a Big Fish Division for and additional fee of $25. Anglers can fish anywhere in Virginia waters as long as they are back in time for the weigh in. No one will be allowed in the line after 5pm! Lines in at 5am the morning of Oct. 9th. Only recreational hook and line fishing on rod and reel will be allowed. This is going to be a fun tournament, and as far as I know the only speck/pup tournament in our area. The entry fee is minimal so come out and fish a great tournament and be a part of the Poquoson Seafood Festival. For more info call 757-871-9246
  2. The next meeting of the Bull Island Anglers Club will be Monday July 26th at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Poquoson, Va. The address is 1294 Poquoson, Ave. The meeting is free and open to the public. Our topic this month will be sheepshead and triggerfish. These fish can often be caught together on offshore wrecks or banging pilings at the bridge tunnel and are available most of the summer months. Everything one needs to know from rod and reel selection to how to hook the bait for optimum hook set will be discussed. So come on down and pick up a few tips on sheepshead and triggerfish. We will also be discussing the upcoming Flat and Furious Flounder tournament that we are helping promote and run. This tournament has been great the last few years and the prize money is guaranteed, so tell a friend or two to enter the tournament. $1000 for 1st place. Hope to see ya'll there.
  3. With out a doubt the powder coat is the way to go.
  4. The next meeting of the Bull Island Anglers Club will be Monday March 22nd at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Poquoson, Va. The address is 1294 Poquoson, Ave. The meeting is free and open to the public. This will be the first meeting of 2010 and we have a real treat this month, Mr. Louis Glaser will be coming to speak about early season flounder fishing. Mr. Glaser is a beast on the flounder and is especially good in the early season. He has agreed to share his techniques with us. This will be a great meeting as the water temps are warming and the flounder should be turning on anytime now. We will also be taking care of some club business, so be prepared to offer your opinions. Hope to see everyone there.
  5. 2 offshore angler rods 15-30#, butts trimmed and sanded to fit in a 1.5 inch rod holder. $90 bucks for both. These sell for $79 retail. 2 St. Croix 6'6" 10-17 # medium heavy spinning rods. These are the premier series rods and are excellent speck or pup rods. $60 each. 2 Shimano Corvalus 300 bait casters spooled with 50lb Power Pro. $40 each 2 Custom Rewrapped Berkley Lighting rods - $35 each. 6' Penn Slammer Spinning rod. Heavy action 20-40#. It was used for plugging tunas and sight casting to cobia and drum. $50 6' Custom wire line rod with a Penn 320 gti spooled with wire. aftco rollers. $130
  6. The next meeting of the Bull Island Angler's Club will be on October 26th at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Poquoson, VA. The meeting is free and open to the public. The address is 1294 Poquoson Ave. This month we have the pleasure of hosting Capt. Blake Hayden as our speaker. Capt. Blake is tidewater's best kept secret when it comes to fishing. If it has fins Capt. Blake is the man that can catch it. This month, Capt. Hayden has agreed to speak at the Bull Island Anglers' Club monthly meeting on fishing the Hot Ditch. That's right a Hot Ditch talk just before the prime time to fish the ditch!! Capt. Hayden has fished the ditch for almost 20 years and has caught more 10 and 12+ lb specks that anyone I know. He will talk about live baiting, casting, trolling, where to be when, how to set up, and basically all things ditch. This will be a great opportunity for all anglers in our area to learn about the ditch. Whether you are a Hot Ditch newbie or have fished it for years you will appreciate Blake's tips and knowledge on the topic. Look forward to seeing everyone there.
  7. Thanks for the responses, sorry it took so long to get back to ya'll. I was throwing Live eels. On Saturday the 12th of September I saw 6 in the same area. Didn't catch one but didn't have live bait either.
  8. Being it was so pretty today, I figured I would try my luck a sight casting cobia. This is the first time I specifically went sight casting. I've seen fish on bouys and such but never in open water. My big boat is in the shop, so I had to take the little one. Being it is so low in the water I was at a severe disadvantage. But with the slick calm conditions I had to try. I took my youngest daughter and we went to go catch a cobia. Cruised out to the area of the hump and started looking. I saw a fish pushing water and we caught the first in short order. It was a rat. 35 inches. Next one was smaller. Cruised toward bouy 20 in the Baltimore Channel and saw two more but they dove before I could cast to them. The little on wanted to go to the beach at factory point so I started heading in. Came by bouy 3 in the York River and nothing until, 200 yards north I saw a wake. Told the little one there's a fish. She looked up and saw it as well, she said it is big. Made a cast and BAMALAMA. Hooked up. This fish fought well. About a 15 minute fight. The fish just wouldn't come up. Stayed straight below the boat for the longest time and finally got her up. Went straight to Wallace's and it weighed 55lbs on the button. Not bad for a first attempt at sight casting. My youngest is still talking about all the fish we saw. We saw nine and caught three. I learned alot today about stalking fish and what not to do. I spooked 6 of the fish with poor boat handling. It was a great day on the water with my youngest daughter and got a citation the first time ever trying sight casting. The oldest one is jealous and said she would go next time for sure!
  9. The next meeting of the Bull Island Angler's Club will be Monday June 22nd at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church located at 1294 Poquoson Ave. in Poquoson, Va. Our speaker will Capt. Ben Sheppard of Above Average Charters and he will be talking about Sight Casting for Cobia. I contacted Capt. Ben the week before Memorial day and if he would speak about sight casting for cobia. Capt. Ben agreed. We've all read the reports and seen the awesome pictures of Capt. Ben's catches so come out and learn how it is done. This will be one of the best meetings this year. The meeting is free and open to the public and we welcome all to attend. Look forward to seeing ya'll there.
  10. NO circles for me. I've lost to many to the circle hook. I use 9/0 with clams and 10/0 with the live crabs. I use gamakatsu octopus J hooks. Thanks for the comment on the tag. We tagged all the fish that night and all were about in the same spot.
  11. Got a kinda last minute phone call from a buddy that had a spot to fill on 44 Viking. Said they was going drumming and needed one more. So I said sure I'll go. Glad I did. Best drum trip I had this year. Crew was Frank (boat owner), Capt. Karry, Bob, Wes, Ronnie, and me. Six folks on the boat. We departed Salt ponds and headed across to Fisherman's Island. It was still a little snotty from Small Craft Advisory yesterday morning, but a 44 foot boat is not a small craft and the ride was smooth all the way across. As the day grew longer the wind dropped out steadily. Wes had a buddy that fished during the day and was still out there. He had 8 drum, 6 blacks and 2 reds so we started near them off of Bouy 11. Wes caught a rat red that measured 42 inches after about an hour. We decided to move to a spot that I had been catching a few fish from and another buddy had been catching from. Got set up on the new spot and it was game on. As the ebb tide faded the bite turned on. We caught 6 fish between 8:45pm and 11pm and had two more on but the hooks pulled. Capt. Karry was first to score with a 47.5 inch red. It was then Franks turn. His red was 44 inches. Ronnie then put one in the boat that was 49 and then Bob had his turn and the biggest of the night at 49.5. That was Bob's first big red. Hell of a first one Bob. It was finally my turn and I put a red one in the boat that measured 47.5. I only have a pic of my fish as everyone had there own camera. Hopefully some of the guys will see this and add there pics. We were fishing off 8 and 10 and anchored in 23.4 feet of water. The 4 citations hit whole live crab and the others hit a crab clam sandwich. All fish were tagged and released. It was a great night and we left them biting around 11pm. I'm glad I got the phone call because it was a great trip with a great group of guys.
  12. Sweet! I gotta get down there and do that again sometime. It been about ten years since I've been offshore. Great pics as usual.
  13. Great reporting on the club meeting but the next meeting is June 22nd not June 4th. I think Capt. Ben is going to come talk about sight casting for cobia.