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  1. my eel bucket is a Maxwell House coffee can.(blue with handle) I drilled holes in the bottom to allow the slime out. I zip tied the lid to the bucket so I wont lose it and attached a length of rope to the handle I can attach it to my wader belt. During transport I put this bucket in a larger bucket with ice. I handle them with a rag and hook them through the face. To prevent balls just shake the rod tip and cast no weight unless in very strong current.
  2. Agree breathable chest. Layers of polar fleece and dry/semi-dry top will keep you warm and dry in the coldest conditions and shorts in the summer will keep you from sweating your a$$ off.
  3. Cabela's premium dry plus. Breathable, light weight, knee pads $109-149. If there is a Cabela's near you I have returned 10yr old waders with the Cabela's name on them and exchanged them with no problem. LL Bean does stand by there equipment but again it must say "LL Bean'" on the item. LL Bean is a bit more expensive.
  4. anyone have any suggestions on painting a blank?
  5. I'm looking for a new level wind reel. I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Okuma Solterra if so what do you think? I'm converting an old glass spinning rod into conventional. I've been told to look at Abu 6500 but all I can find is 6600 and it's too small. The 7000 looks good any thoughs on this one?
  6. I went to Nags Head pier over the weekend. I caught many skate. I also jigged up some small spot and live lined them with no luck. They swam for 3 hours and not even a nibble. Maybe next time.
  7. So for the most part my freshwater bass rig is all I need. No need to take my 10' surf outfits with 20-30lb line unless the blues get thick or there is a run of large drum.
  8. Hello, I'm new to NC (Greenville). I'll be here for the summer.I've done quite a bit of striper fishing in the north. I don't have a boat or yak. What types of fish am I targeting here? Should I chunk or plug?
  9. My favorites must be Jackrabbit (probably because I rode it soo much as a kid) New there are soo many types. X-flight(a lay down model) Apollo's Chariot because of the restraint system Great Bear (inverted) The Hulk (traditional)
  10. Hello all, My name is Jeff I am from PA. I am a travelling Operating Room Nurse. At the moment I am living in Greenville NC. I basically travel the country looking for fish and riding rollercoasters. I usually spend 13-26 weeks in a location. I hope to find some good fishing oportunities while I am here. I flyfish salt and fresh, surf fish plugs and bait, fresh water all. I carry a belly boat with me on my travels. I own a small alluminum but it lives in PA. I was going to add pics but I am missing some security token.