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  1. FOR SALE! FULLY RIGGED 2001 YAMAHA SUV 1200. I am selling one of my custom fishing SUV’s $5900. Cooler rack w rod holders, front crossbar w/ rod holders and Lowrance HDS-5. Extra Battery. Engine was rebuilt last year by Screaming Motorsports. New seat cover, oil injection removed, primer kit installed. Looks and runs great! Galvanized trailer included w Spare tire. This is the only 4 person and most stable PWC made by Yamaha. Call me at 757-342-5780.
  2. I had a great time fishing in the James River Striped Bass Fishing Tournament today. I was fortunate to catch the winning fish with a weight of 14.80 lbs! I was on my Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures Inc., I caught seven other fish as well. The largest was caught using a live spot for bait. This was an awesome tourney that benefitted the Virginia Living Museum. There was a long list of sponsors that made it all possible. Thanks Don Brown of Northwestern Mutual Insurance, he was one of the sponsors but could not fish so he gave me his entry, I told him I would win and I wasn’t kidding! Good to see Mark and Rob on the water today as well. Thanks Rob Robert Cowling for meeting me and getting some pictures.
  3. Last night was a blast catching several Reds on live minnows from my Jet Ski, soon as it hit the water it was fish on. An hour after I caught them I was having dinner! I saw many kayaks and boats out on a pretty evening. This morning I was watching the sun come up over the bay and an Osprey flew by with his fresh flounder catch. He landed in my backyard and had breakfast. I have not posted recently, been busy with several other things. Just thought I would share some of my recent pictures, I even managed to get a shot of an Oyster squirting. If you would like to go on a Jet Ski Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780 to book a trip.
  4. Had a great Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures Inc. on a picture perfect day with Laura and Brian from Topping Va, as well as Frances and Frank of Mechanicsville Va. We departed from Whitehouse Cove Marina in Poquoson and went up the York river to River Walk in Patriot Tours & Provisions – Yorktown Segway PT Tours where all four went on a guided Segway trip. We then ran the skis along Gloucester and across Mobjack Bay to New Point Comfort Light for a walk along the pretty beach there. Then it was back across the Chesapeake bay for about a 35 mile total trip. If you want to go on a “Land and Sea” Jet Ski Adventure give me a call and book a trip 757-342-5780. Here are some pictures from today.
  5. I ran to the Chesapeake Light Tower on my jet ski mid morning yesterday, looking down I could see hundreds of Spade Fish so I could not resist the urge to get in the 63 degree water to spear a couple. Felt good to be in the water! Saw a lot of Spades, a couple Sheepshead and some really big Tautog that are not in season. I also ran around a lot looking to see if there were any Cobia cruising around. Have a great and safe Memorial weekend. Thanks to all who have fallen enabling us to enjoy our freedoms! If you want to be a Jet Angler look at Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures or call me at 757-342-5780 to book a trip.
  6. Yesterday I took my nephew Dylan from Massachusetts, Jet Ski Fishing for Tautog at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Dylan is 14 and had never really been fishing, much less on a PWC. He and some other relatives were in town for Easter and he wanted get out and try. I told Dylan I would be glad to show him how to fish but he had to do it all, I was not going to be his bait boy and de-hooker, ha! Well I am glad to say we had great weather and the fish were biting. We were back with our limit by Noon and Dylan caught the first two and the largest Tog, all on live fiddlers around the piles of the bridge. We also took Tog samples for a genetic study by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Here is my pictorial, like I said, I would show Dylan how but had to do it all! First you gotta get on your Jet Ski and take it out to the CBBT. Bait of Choice was live Fiddler crabs. Drop your crab to the bottom around some rocks and set the hook when the toothy critter tries to steal your bait. Here is Dylan’s first Tautog. Proudly hold up your full stringer of fish, then show everyone your a hockey player and Bruins fan! Here we are back at the Crab Creek boat ramp loading everything up for the ride home. Dylan’s first attempt at filleting a fish. I did the rest, ha! Clean up is all part of the adventure, got to keep everything in tip top shape. Like I said, we also took some samples for VIMS. Of course one of the best parts of fishing is eating your catch! Dylan lightly breaded and pan fried his first Tautog. Had a great day passing on some of what I know. ( Never show them everything, some of it they have to figure out on their own.) If you want to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780 to book a trip!
  7. I dropped my Jet Ski at Messick Boat Ramp in Poquoson Va. at 0830 and ran out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. 70 degrees, flat and glassy conditions and cruising at 45 mph made for a short trip. I had my doubts initially, first three spots around the 3rd and 4th islands produced no bites. My next spot, not too far from the 4th in 30 feet next to a pile paid off handsomely. I caught at least 24 Tautog, all on live fiddlers, kept my three limit and was back at the boat ramp by 1200, great conditions on the return trip as well. I was greeted by the Bald Eagle as I was coming down my road. I ran around town got a bunch of chores done in the afternoon, then cooked Tog Tacos for eight ladies that my wife had over for “Art Night”. Here are a couple pictures of my perfect day and a couple from around my house. If you would like to book a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780.
  8. I went fishing along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Thursday and Friday last week, half a day each time. Water temp was still only 49 degrees. I was using live fiddler crabs and fresh clam. I had no bites and talked to a couple other boaters that had no luck either. Need a couple more degrees on the water temp and I am confident the bite will pick up. I still had a good time being out on the jet ski. Here are a couple of pictures I took the last couple of days. The one with the moon and plane was a shot I have been trying to get for a while. If you would like to go on a Jet Ski Fishing or Sightseeing Adventure check out Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures Inc. or give me a call at 757-342-5780.
  9. I towed my jet ski to Crab Creek boat ramp yesterday and then fished the third, fourth and High Rise areas of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel for Tautogs. I was using fresh Clams and frozen Fiddler Crabs for bait, no bites or nibbles. The water was only about 45 degrees but it was a pretty day so I thought I would give it a try anyway. I will probably wait till temps hit 50 to try it again. I still had a great time and saw a lot things. Here are some pictures I took while out and when I got home. If you would like to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure call me at 757-342-5780.
  10. Tuesday was forecast to be an awesome day on the water so I towed my ski to Lynhaven and dropped at Crab Creek boat ramp. I fished for Tog using frozen fiddler and fresh clams around the third Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Cape Henry wreck and Santore not too far from Chesapeake Light. No bites all day but I knew my chances were slim with near shore water temps still being only about 40 degrees. Most of the fish are being caught 25-35 miles offshore, it is a long way to go in the Winter on my jet ski for a three limit fish. I still had a great time in near perfect conditions. I you would like to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Trip or Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780. I took a lot of pictures while out and a couple around my house, I finally saw a baby bald eagle in the nest off of my house and a couple of Osprey have shown up this week. The Poquoson Kiwanis Club is hosting a flea market this Saturday. (15 Mar 14) 9am-2pm It will be held at the Poquoson Primary School. It is modeled after the Great Bridge Fishing Association Flea market. Last I heard the majority of tables/slots have been filled by vendors, and it should be a good time with lots of good deals. Poquoson Primary School 19 Odd Road Poquoson Virginia 23662
  11. Couple more weeks and Winter will finally be behind us. Only good thing about the Winter is that it allowed me some time to get some good pictures of the Bald Eagles that have lived around my house for 7 years now. I still have been making it out on the water to take in the sights but fishing has been slow. Things will start to get better with every week that passes so give me a call at 757-342-5780 to book a trip. All the trips can viewed at Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures. Also take a look at the new Water Craft Journal website. I will be contributing Jet Ski Fishing articles there this year. A lot of great PWC info there. Here are some jet ski and recent pictures I have taken recently;
  12. I took my jet ski out of Crab Creek boat ramp on Saturday and ran around Cape Henry and then the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel. Never saw any water temps above 36.5 degrees and did not see any bait or Whales this time. Not too often we see snow along the beach here in Virginia. It was still a good time running around in flat and glassy conditions. Thinking of fishing the Elizabeth or James River this week. Here are some pictures I took this weekend. If you want to go on a Jet Ski Fishing Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780.
  13. I was interviewed recently by a Japanese magazine editor, Toshiyuki Senba of HOT WATER SPORTS MAGAZINE. Here is the article about Jet Ski Fishing in the USA. In the interview I talked about the outdoors, fishing and photography. I have no Idea what he actually wrote. Ha! Tomorrow February 1st myself and Jamie Moore are guest on The Fishing Tidewater Radio Show. To listen live, click WHKT-AM 1650 to stream online show, is from 7-9 am. I will be talking about Jet Ski Fishing and Adventures and Jamie about Chesapeake Bay Adventures-Air Boat Tours. We both started our new on the water businesses in Poquoson Virginia last year. It is a live show and you are welcome to call in at 757-454-1650.
  14. I took advantage of some warmer weather and took my jet ski out of Lynhaven Inlet to fish the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay off of Cape Henry. It was kind of windy but not bad so I did not run around too much. There were a lot of birds and bait inside the Bay but not as much around the Cape. Trolled for a while with no bites, I also went around the Islands of the Bay Bridge and snapped a couple pictures. Still had fun being on the water and taking in the sights, even when the fishing is slow there is plenty to see. The Bald Eagle pictures I took at my house before I left. If you want to make some memories with a Jet Ski Adventure give me a call at 757-342-5780.