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  1. would that surprise anyone here? not me that's for sure ... headed down 9/12 for a week n wondering if i'll have ANY access other than the piers ...
  2. I've got one for sale/trade, send me ur email and i'll send pics ... not the biggest but might do well for you. wood/coal ...
  3. hit the vfw slough last sunday on outgoing tide using flounder rigs n squid with no luck, buddy got a 20" flattie in rehoboth bay somewhere. neighbor in our campground got a couple keeper flatties in southside jetty area on outgoing also.
  4. Headed down in september(third year in a row, what a great place!), staying Avon and looking to do some surf fishing and inshore/offshore as well. I'm planning to haul my 23' Striper W/A along and looking to fish for inshore species in the sound and, weather permitting, a bit of offshore if possible. Anyone have information on up-to-date charts for the sound and Hatteras inlet? also, other than the marina close to the ferry to ocracoke, where can i get access to dump the boat and are there fees associated? daily? weekly?
  5. do either of you know why Cedar Creek closed their shop on Rt 1? saw that the other week, i'm assuming because of the economy and possible high rent for that prime highway location. Did my seatrial at the marina there and recall the channel being a bit tight and remember the mud as well. Have heard only good things about the overall operation there in the marina.