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  1. I heard the pier has caught a few in the past week but slooooooow for them too. I'll be paying a visit again next week. If I remember correctly it's closed tomorow and the end of next week also for the hunters. There is a few keeper Specs in Lynnhaven now. After weeding through a couple hundred in the last few days I finally found a 20"er this morning, he's been invited home for dinner.
  2. Once again thanks to all of you VCAN guys for making this happen and the Refuge guys for working with you to allow it to happen !! Even though I didn't catch anything but those pesky bait-stealing Bluefish on Monday night it was great to have the privilidge to be there. It was great see you all out there even though it was when I was leaving but after being set up on what I thought was "the spot" I didn't want to move just to come down and crowd you guys out in order to fish with you. No more reports so it sounds like I made the right decision to keep my other plans last night ??
  3. I hit the beach with the wife yesterday from 1000 - 1530 and it was non-stop Drum action catching two at a time sometimes !! Unfortunately they were all 9-12" baby Black Drum. I'm going to try to use my pass for the first time tonight before the next 2-3 days of crappy weather arrives.
  4. I was there the day before with the wife and had prety much the same results with the addition of one little 10" Flounder. The Menhaden never got close enough for me though. It was fun watching the hoards of Pelicans wearing them out though.
  5. Congrats on the keeper Flatties !! Looks like dinner !! Didn't know you had joined the Yak crew, looks like you've bought the same boat as my new one that I picked up at the paddlefest this May. I haven't fished Lynnhaven on the weekend for years for the obvious reason. You're a brave guy. I fished the Little Creek jettys the same day for the same thing with two other yakers and between 3 of us there was only 1 Flounder caught so I may be looking to the Lynnhaven soon, just on a weekday.
  6. Looks like a great day in the blue water !! Nothing like Wahoo steak on the grill !! I heard there's a lot of throw-back YF out there right now, still good fish'n !! Congrats on the produtive day !!
  7. If the boat is big enough the 4th island to the high rise is catching pretty well right now. Live Spot, Croaker or Mullet about 3-5" with a strip of squid or cut bait on a 3' leader to a 3-way or just cut bait on a double hook bottom rig with 1 - 1 1/2' leaders. Don't waste your time or $$ on colors because neked rigs work just as well, tie your own with 40 - 50lb. test mono. Water's deep and the current runs strong there so you'll need lead from 6-14 oz. to stay on the bottom and make sure the sinker has a leader of 10-12" so it's the only thing hitting bottom. Tie the sinker to your rig with 20 lb. test so if you get hung on bottom it's the only thing you lose, not the entire rig. Fish right next to the piles and inbetween them in the rubble under the bridge and be carefull there's plenty of snags so it's kinda like wire-linning whenever the sinker hits pull up slightly but make sure you're close to the bottom because that's where the Flounder are !! Good luck when you go !!
  8. Don't know if you've ever read about what I use but it's a little of both and works well especially when jigging. I call it a Gulp/Gudgeon sammich and I'll use a Gulp on a lead head just like usual with the tail pointed away from the hook but I also add a gudgeon hooked through the gills and out the top of it's head on top of the Gulp for more movement that = more visability and scent.
  9. Oregon Inlet has a decent fleet as well if you can't find anything down south. I fished the TUNA FEVER with Capt. Billy Maxwell last Sat. (5/21) and we limited out on Dolphin before 1000. He has two cancellations that week 5/29 and 5/31 give him a call.
  10. Just wait until this weekend, after that it's week days only until Sept. at least you were fishing
  11. "Rock Snot" what a laughable term ........ What's next a dress code ??
  12. I've hit the inlet at Lynnhaven the last few mornings and was able to enjoy a very nice sunrise both days but that was it. No hits, no bumps no anything just a lot of pretty moving water and not even any bait. Watched the Osprey who seem to be multipling as there were a good dozen both inside hovering over the flats and outside where we were fishing and it's so slow out there I never saw them get anything either and they're a lot better at the game than I am. Spoke with one of the retired locals both mornings that is there pretty much every day and he said the same thing that it has been extremely slow there this spring. He did say that a 37" Striper was caught on the bottom with shrimp from the inside beach yesterday around 0900 but that had been the only confirmed keeper this season so far. Usually the Blues, Flounder and Striper are there by now but it has taken a while for the water to warm after a fairly cool winter so amybe that has something to do with it. Anyway nice couple of sunrises plus the fact that I was fishing made it worth the effort.
  13. Not sure if there's any other yakers on this board but the report I've got envolves yak fishing in areas that are also accessible by motor boat so here it is. Being that the Flounder season on the ES is supposedly about 3-4 wks. old and the Red Drum season is just getting started my fishing bud Rick and I decided to hit the top of Mogothy bay looking for a Flattie or 4. After reading reports from Kevin (AKA Kayak Kevin) Whitley I guess we should of picked the latter but who knows. We launched at wise Pt. @ 0800 on Sat. (4/30) and tried to fish some spots outside where we had done well in the last few years but between the hard ebb current and the building 10-20 kt. north winds we decided to fish the more protected creeks and channels inside. We drifted with the outgoing and again with the incoming currents picking up a steady bite of Flounder but as usual the "keeper" size was difficult to find. We were bottom jigging with what we call a GULP/Gudgeon sammich that is made up of a lead head just heavy enough to straight-jig the bottom that is dressed up with a white/pearl GULP and a fat Gudgeon on top of it. We both caught 7-8 fish of which none were under 16" and I had 4 over 17" inches but none were keepers. Rick was a little more fortunate with one that went 18" and was invited home for dinner. All fish caught on the moving current with none during the slack. Great start to the spring yak season on the ES but I think big Drum and Striper may be included in the next trips targets.
  14. Nice fish !! What is that a size 2 childrens shoe Sorry couldn't help myself. I live less than two miles from Coopers Ditch and have heard stories of how good it was but never have seen proof or tried to fish it. I know some of the lakes in Etheridge lakes hold fish because I transplanted them there and caught a bunch with the boys when they were young. I've had the itch all winter too and have only been able to scratch it twice with offshore trips out of OI on a private boat owned by a friend of a friend. Fortunately both trips were some of the best I've ever had, one in January when we caught non-stop Rockfish in the 20-40 lb. class right off the beach and one two weeks ago in the Bluefin bite out in the Gulf stream that has been unreal all winter, when the weather let you get on it. We were in a huge school of 300 lb. 6 ft. long Bluefin all day and never waited more than 10 min. to hook up after getting the last one to the boat. Stand up gear both trolling and jigging with a 30-45 min. battle after the hook up. It had to be some of the most intense fishing I've done to date !! Looking at the ES and the Lesner for the Flounder bite next and might take the yaks over to the shore this weekend if the water warms up enough in the next few days. Last year I was lucky enough to "blind Squirrel" a citation Flattie from the Lesner in May and will try that soon too. Thank God for warmer weather !!!!! Reports to follow ........
  15. Steve some days you're the bug and some days you're the wind shield, sounds like a "buggy" trip. I got to fish it the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we tore up the schoolies before dark up to some 33" slots and eel-fished the same area on the ebb after dark also. Broke off the first 8 fish in the piles until we finally boated a 41"er right before the current and bite died. Nothing to brag about on the biggun's but fillets for the grill !! The guys besides us got 7 in a row in the boat and kept a couple fat ones @ 45" & 49", you never know but at least you got to go !!
  16. Steve OE2 has 3 HUGE boxes of what they have left of the Mr. Wiffles in both 4" and 6" with a lot of different colors. I stopped there on my way to work from Lynnhaven and bought 10 more bags with some other stuff I "needed". They're down to $.50 a bag so don't wait long to go look !! AK I'll probably be in the same spot tomorrow morning around 0500 and with a little less wind @ 10-15 N/W should be fishable, after that it's Speck time.
  17. Steve we all get lucky, heck I blind-squirreled a citation Flounder off the beach at Lynnhaven earlier this summer. I'll never tire of having someone follow me into the spots, that's the way I "found" most of them myself and i'll always enjoy fishing with someone else that shares the love, passion and enthusiasm for the sport that I have whether it's an 80 yr. old retired guy like Fred or even the young whippersnappers. By the way I stood in the washing machine at the bottom of the bridge this morning before sun-up and even though the water conditions were near perfect as far as the outgoing current flattening out the swells made from the strong incoming wind the fish weren't there yet. Too early in the season and the water is still a little warm but it was nice being there all alone to watch the sunrise tossing old Mr. Wiffle in search for Striped ones.
  18. Pretty work, glad you were rewarded for your efforts. That's one "L" of a spot and it has been for a while. It just seems that the schools which are hanging there this year are all smaller ones but it still beats the skunk. With the hard weather change that's in process right now maybe their big brothers will start to show, water temps still in the mid 60's so a few more degrees of drop should turn them on like it always has. I know they're around because a good freind of mine had a 8 lb'er for dinner the other night that came out of a net from just up the beach. I was considering trying it before work tomorrow but with the weather guessers talking about 15-20 and gusts to 30 from the N/W starting tonight that would be somewhat futile. Try not to catch them all up and leave a few for us old farts
  19. In my best Monday night football imitation ............ "Come-on-man" I gave you a picture and everything That's a 22.5" fish btw Get a decent pair of waders, 7' rod with a spinner that's loaded with 10 lb. test braid and give me a call. I fish usually wade-fish before or after work on the weekdays and from the yak or beach on the weekends.
  20. Fished there 3 times myself this season and nothing but shorts so far as well. Talking to the retired regulars, Fred, Freddy, Don etc. there has been a few nice ones caught just not as many. I'm waiting for the weather to get "unscrewed" with the current spell of Indain Summer and strong S winds and after that I'll be there and outside the bridge in the mornings looking for Mr. Rockfish, maybe Thursday.
  21. The big ones used to run the beaches here like they did down south but now it seems that when they get over 2-5 lbs. they stay offshore. I'm thinking it's due to the lack of Menhaden and other high quality forage in the near-shore waters. The big Choppers are running right now 20-30 out on their way south for the winter and the little Taylors are inshore evrywhere. I've caught them up to 30" at the Lynnhaven mixed into schools of Rockfish the same size but that was 3-4 yrs. ago.
  22. Steve I just saw this but I went Speck fishing on the Elizabeth Saturday via the yak. Caught a few small ones and this guy that hit a Mirrolure Top Dog right at sun-up. Sunday the S/W wind was a little "un-drummy" so the wife and I rode bikes to False Cape on the inside roads and the beach on the way back where we picked up 10 nice Conch shells that were all practically perfect. Here's the Speck.
  23. I'll be trying it myself tomorrow on the Elizabeth and the spot is full of cob mullet so the cast net will go with me in order to get some Drum bait for saturday night and sunday at sandbridge. I'll expcet to see some reports on monday good or bad and good luck to all, catch'm up fellas !!
  24. Andrew it sounds like you're using the advantage of youth in a similar manner to how most of us old farts did "back in the day" keep at it you'll be rewarded !! It sounds like you were fishing the "Duck Inn" side near the bridge Friday night which does fish better on the flood but as you can see it's loaded with snags near the bridge. I fished there this morning before work and threw a 1oz. head with an 5" blue/white Mr. Wiffle tail (which are on sale at OE2 right now at 3 for $.59) from 0530 to 0630 and struck out but I think I was too late for the current that was running dead slow, after that I downsized my gear to a 10 lb. test rod and did fairly well with the micro Specks. I don't fish too close to the bottom over there because of the "snag monster" and if the wind is tight from the N/W on the incoming the other side produces also but you either have to fish up the beach over the bar or near the bridge on the inside tossing at the upcurrent pile on the left with a quick retrieve, especially if you hook up. I can't tell you how many rigs I've lost like that but it sure is fun.
  25. You must be fishing north of the hrbt/cbbt. I caught 15 this morning at the Lesner that were all under 14" with 3 or 4 that were close to keepers but they all went back. The river is full of them right now from the back to the inlet. I thought I had Speckasaurus but it wound up being a little 17 1/2" bulldog that looked like a Puppy Drum. All fish were taken on a 3/8 oz. red leadhead and a 4" rootbeer/chartruese grub until they took the tail off of it and then I switched to a 4" salt & pepper/chartruese grub that was the one that found the Pup. The fish were on the bottom and top of the water column today but most of the others I've caught were caught right on the bottom fishing sloooooow.