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  1. Love my 3500 ,yet hard fishing has put a toll on it , baitrunner doesnt switch off automaticly anymore any suggestions ? oil ? cleaning ? live with it ?
  2. Tog time again , With the closing of commercial crabbing where do I get bait ? Is it clam time or will there still be people salling out of state crabs ? The weather sure has been keeping the fish safe
  3. Anybody out there doing anything with the togs ?
  4. Has anyone been on the river lately ? North east winds have been forcing me to look for new places for me to feed my addiction ! Still to warm for the ditch water in there was 87 degrees at last count so nuthin in there. Rumour has it there is some catch and release fishing for stripers around the gilmrtn but I havn't checked it out really looking forward to Fall :disgust: holla back Marsh duck
  5. Went back to my flounder spot sat. the place was packed ,what really was upsetting was the fact we sat and watched guys in the boats around us who were obviously not fishermen judging from their boats mostly those big cruising type chris crafts and rinkers keeping EVERY fish they caught I guess they had commercial lisenses or just did'nt know the rules who do you call while witnessing these acts? These are the same ones who bitch about the reg changes every year I don't like them myself but I follow them
  6. Nice bay on the bay. Came out with 2 keeper flounder. one at about 20 inches, and anoher one weighing in at 8 pounds 14 ounces. Caught hundereds of 18 inch fish but can't keep them!!!
  7. Have any pointers on where to find ocean front cobes ? Bouy lines just drive down the oceanfront in how deep water? Any info will be greatly apperciated
  8. I agree with all of the above ! These guys have to see my anchor line going off my bow. I once red an article in salt water sportsman that said 85% of boat owners have no idea what basic boating is all about mainly courtesy to others !
  9. hopefully , winds are looking kinda sketchy this weekend ,but were gonna try sun maybe by then it will have settled down dying to try for sheepshead . heard they are in residence so gonna give it a shot if we can't guess we will spadefish they seem to be everywhere don't know much about sheepshead except they are the kings of the convict family bait stealers they say you count to five set the hook , count to five and set the hook hmm we'll see if they're that slick gotta pretty good tog hand gonna be interresting
  10. Hello Fish girl , What is the south tower listed on the charts as ? A radio tower ? Radar , Where is it exactly ? I've been hearing about it for years is it accessable with a 24' boat ?
  11. good job on those rays ! Did you eat them ? Got to get up with you in the fall , never fished in the refuge before heard the drum fishing is hot down there AWAY from the crazyness on the pier
  12. Do they have a phone at the pier yet ? Green zones are important to everyone , B.B.Bristow once said" when you give something away, You will never get it back " Good advice , Keep up the fight D.O.D
  13. around oahu saw a guy on a pier at the marine corps base today catching fish on bread balls crazy !!