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  1. that's awesome , I wish i was so creative when i started building rods. Anthony
  2. Thank you Dixie , thats what I heard from Chumlord ( lou ) that its only a 2 hours ride which it made me very happy. Living in DFW the ride to the coast its 5 hours. I might take you up on the invite , would love to wet some lines. ill be posting regularly here most likely ill be settle down by mid June. Now I have a good excuse for buying a nice rig..however I will be a HO for a while
  3. Hi everybody my name is Anthony , we would moving soon to Virginia due to work relocation. I am a addicted offshore fishermen since I was 8 years old , i,ve fished many places search as Spain ( Canary Islands where I grow up ) also Mexico and recently GOM Texas. Own my own gear and know my way around boats, participated for several years on IGFA Marlin tournaments in the Atlantic with my best record a blue around the 500 lb. Vertical jigging & bottom fishing are my favorite styles , however trolling for blues or tunas are a must as well afterall fishing in general and the most important having a good time and meeting new friends. If anybody on a future time probably by the summer time needs a crew menber I would greatly apreciate the invite. Most likely ill be living on chesterfiel area. Best Regards to all & Thank you. Anthony