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  1. The tile says it all, would like to meet in person
  2. Me too just a few panfish bluegills and a few perch on the bay
  3. Check your PM
  4. Id be interested too
  5. Really?
  6. I know its a longshot and they dont make them anymore but does anyone have a 10 or 12 they want to sell and I can meet locally
  7. Itching to fish somewhere, I know you can bass fish but I hear a lot of reports this time of year some fisherman brave enough to go fishing for perch near the route 4 bridge at Solomons and catch a few all winter long in the deeper depths but do you have to have a boat to get in the deeper channels?
  8. Nice! Is this at that D.C. harbor? I have been to the tournaments there last year at this month
  9. Good condition lightly used only used one season rod not for me willing to meet locally in southern maryland $95
  10. Does anyone know where to find these rods online they tend to be hard to find on the internet i know wal mart used to have them in stock any suggested sites or a store I'd appreciate.
  11. No they don't make the conventional CP anymore I own an original 6-12 12' OM conventional it does have a bit of a stiff tip for detecting a bite. It's the same blank from each other but where the reel seat is at it makes the rod tip and sinker load a big difference.
  12. Its not a cape point just an original
  13. Heaver surf rod from Bass Pro Shops.Used once. Paid $150 after Christmas asking $90 OBO. Prefer to meet somewhere/willing to ship.