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  1. hay yall grate seeing every one out ther the past week congrats to all who cought
  2. ^^^that was cofusuing ^^^.. got my letter in the mail... see yall out ther
  3. hay btf i sent you a pm asking about the turnny
  4. hay its jon schmelz ( dave moores buddy) i am entering the tournament but i have resently moved and lost my check book.. i was woundering if i could send in cash with my enrty insted of a check..

  5. Yes 6 shark puts me in 2nd a traling 2nd lol after taking a day off I hope to play a little catchup Maby I can brake 10 in the next 2 days... Don't get me wrong I love sharks.. being able to hanedel them is a grate thrill and experience that not menny can share
  6. Can't weight to get out this week one more dat of work then beach beach beach gunna love it
  7. I had a good time with Dave the last week got into 2 sand tigers one about 6ft one about 5ft ... Not a bad catch for only hiting the beach a handfull of times this year.
  8. I use the "spot/king fish" rig made by sea striker or a hook about that size ... When the bait fish are hiring I do pritty good
  9. Hay Yall its been too long scince I last posted... I'm heading out today guna give it my all hope to get some pullage!!
  10. Sounds AWSOME can't weight to check them out
  11. Hay grate to hear hope to to see Yall soon
  12. Hay Yall. I haven't been out much due to funding (as in I'm flat broke) lol the little bit I've fished I have had any luck so far its skunk fishing for me looking forword to trading skunk for shark but with the hot water and short beach I don't know if I can bring my chances up...but if you don't try you won't know! Hope to see all of you out edging lines soon
  13. I'd willing to meet up with you one day do some fishing
  14. You know me man... Charking is a habit not a hobby ill be ther count on me!!!
  15. Hay boatless welcome I'm general. For fishing AI this time of year pleas be extra careful as the reangers are few and far between... Fishing AI. Is a 24/7 actively fishing required un less in a camp sight (if you drive on the sand I'm not sher about the state side) if you do want to drive on the sand ull need a permit and some safty gear like a shovel a jack and boards and a tow rope. Your best bet would be to call the AI ranger station
  16. 81.88lbs!?!?!?!?! holy COW!!!!!!!!!
  17. whats the size on him?....
  18. you keep talkig about the fishing gods........ how can i get a hold of them? ther a 1-800 # i can call?, email?
  19. Dad

    im so sorry sam, if i can do anything to help pleas let me know
  20. man a pic like that makes me want to kik the bucket.........haha, awsome just awsome
  21. AWSOME. Iv seen C130's doing night runs at salisbury airport before but never that close, they have some AWSOME hart thumping power don't they
  22. and remember, thermal underware only works to a point under waters lol:fish:
  23. Hit the RT50 brige and the surf (what a gas bill that was hole cow!!!!!!) Did no good in the surf but saw 3 keeper rock walk off and took a 18ish blue my self also got one thick flatie but he lives for someone else's hook Any one els doing good or bad? If bad tell me ware NOT TO FISH lol
  24. Hit the RT50 brige last night and to night not much last night but I had the schools # and brought 3 or 4 short rocks and 2 good size blues over the railing