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  1. It was reported to the Park Service although there isn't much that they can do unless you catch the person in the act of poaching. I'm guessing that by now the crabs out there have cleaned the corpses pretty well, hopefully the rotting fish smell goes away soon.
  2. I decided to take my kayak out to the Great Egging Island (just west of the Assateague Island National Park) today, water was choppy, couldn't see bottom in 4 ft of water. I almost always see rays out there when I'm drifting around the island but I didn't see any today, not live anyhow. As I paddled along the shoreline I saw a white shape from about 30 yards away, it had a 3 ft wingspan and was belly up just about eight feet from the shore. Drifting closer, I counted 6 or 7 more bodies piled up about 10-15 ft further out. It looks like someone was out bow fishing last night, had their fun, then decided to dump the corpses along the shoreline where dozens of families go kayaking/canoeing every day. Getting ready to leave, about 100 yards further down along the shoreline I found what looks like half a dozen diamondback terrapin shells. It seems that crabbers are dumping their unwanted catches there as well.
  3. Dave, if that pile of bunker wasn't enough, you could have gone to Venice, La this week for bait.
  4. I didn't see all that many people headed toward the island today, however I did weigh 2 citation rockfish today. The first was a slim 41 inch 19 pounder, the second, 45 inches and 30 pounds. Other than that I heard of a few shark upwards of 4 foot long.
  5. I saw some nice white perch today that were netted from Ayers. The larger ones were upwards of 1.75 lbs. I've been meaning to get the kayak out there and try my luck with rod & reel but I keep getting sidetracked, maybe I'll try tomorrow.
  6. I'd like to congratulate Victor Hoffman, Lee Solomon, Sam Wanis, and Brandon Solomon for catching several fine striped bass today. The fish shown in this photo measured in at 38", 38 1/4", 43 3/4", and 39 1/2". The largest of the fish, caught by Sam Wanis, weighed in at 29 1/4 lbs. They were caught in the Chesapeake Bay on trolling lures.
  7. I've got another Buck's Place rockfish report Gary Stag had this nice 46" 35 lb. Striper on 11/5. Bunker has been the bait of choice lately and we are doing our best to keep it in stock and as fresh as possible.
  8. I weighed in a 46 3/4 inch 33 1/2 lb striper from the beach today. It was caught by a North Carolina resident fishing with bunker.
  9. Welcome aboard, Travis!

  10. An album containing photos of all of the fish weighed in at Buck's Place in 2008 can be seen at the expo this weekend. If you can't get off of the beach long enough to make it to the expo, don't worry, you can still stop by the store and flip through the pages of our photo albums. -Travis