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  1. not sure, if you look it grabbed it as a Marley copyright and missed the stones.
  2. sweet!
  3. cut up a spot and cut up a'll have no doubt which is better. spot heads are great too!
  4. [video=youtube;WM33kxfp93Q] may never catch one bigger
  5. cool sam, just to be upfront if I am there it will be to see Dr. Julie Ball. Let me know if you need a hand.
  6. incredible dude, great stuff
  7. Here it be: Rigs: I've tried them all and they all catch but the most consistent is the standard drum rig with no more than a 2" hook leader and an 8/0 to 10/0 circle hook. I say consistent because it rarely misses a fish compared to a cannonball which for me was pretty bad. I run a 3' trace of 150# mono for the sinker to ride on and albright that to my shock. The knot creates a sinker stop and the fish can run just long enough and then pops the sinker. Hooks for me are gami big eye hooks but anything in that size range will work if you keep it sharp. Bait in order in the fall: Cobb Mullet Spot Bluefish Bunker Weather: Light Southerlies are best for me but had my best day in a pretty hard NE wind so who knows, just fish the right time of the year and fish it hard.
  8. wind direction is HUGE when it comes to surf fishing, especially in the summer. East wind will push ashore the top of the water column which has been warmed by the sun. This will dramatically increase surf temps. Southwest and west will do exactly the opposite. It will push out warm water which is then replaced by colder water from the bottom of the water column. Ever notice how summer brings some of the coldest water of the year even with temps over 90 degrees? SW wind...
  9. done, seems like quite an uphill fight against some of those monsters...
  10. tough to make a propery tied haywire fail. good luck!
  11. Good times ahead! <EMBED src= width=640 height=385 type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></EMBED>
  12. I'll be working the under armour booth this week. Stop by if you can. Ben
  13. suffix tri conventionals and suffix braid for the spinner alltackle has the big spools.
  14. wow, early for smoothies and a roughtail...must have been some warm water out there. I got 60* on Friday
  15. good to see the crew on Friday, pulled back untouched peeler, live eels, and bunker for 12 hours on 5 rods in a good spot with nice conditions...thats fishing. I seriously may have lost 2 baits all day fishing in the desert...oh well it was a great day for the soul.