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  1. sick man cannt wait to see more reports from you this summer doing this!
  2. I am planning on takeing my kayak down with my to florida this year with me but after reading to post about the vibration in the kayaks at speed limit i dont think mine will be able to handel the speeds we go down 95. Lets just say 95 isnt just an interstate number:icon_wink:
  3. thanks but some of the pics are side by side now. yeah between thursday and friday we had about 20 hours on the water but they were well worth it as you can see
  4. ok its had alot of cleaning done dono what it is whith this site adding aton of stuff to the post posted on 2 other sites with out that problem
  5. Well headed out right after school yesterdaybut first had to stop at bruces to get 3 packs of nice vaccume sealed mullet. After getting to the ramp we headed straight for the coves. We saw a huge citation sized trout swimming on top that wouldnt take a thing. I fished them for a little while with matt and no luck so decided to padel through the shallows to sight cast for them also with no luck. It was starting to get dark by this time matt cameout of the coves and we fished the point when Ov showed up. He hadnt had a thing either. Right after dark like usual matt started catching them and i was busy tagging them since he was out of tags. About an hour into this now i got my first fish out of the kayak. At about 9:30 we decided to call it a night and headed in since the fishing had slowed down quite considerably. Got to my house and was done cleaning rigging by 11. so we set the alarm for 5am. We got the the ramp and was on the water at 6:30am. We headed back to the point with no luck for 30mins so we moved into the coves to try it again and sure enough matt was nailing them i was back at it tagging them again. But the first fish he got was tagged. Then he pulled in this beauty with 15 spots. After this little guy he got his own tagged fish that he had tagged last friday. So after about 10fish i sad ok hot hands lets switch rods and see who gets one now. 5mins later fish on for who other than matt. With this nice beauty at 23 1/2. As he was reeling that one in i hooked up also with a 23 1/2. By noon the fishing had slowed down with the tide and we decided to go back to the cop docks and see who was there. Kyle and his mom were out with no luck by this time the tide started moveing back in so we decide to head on back to the coves. But first we had to stop and take off the waters. Man it felt great that watter was a little chilly but not too bad at all. Got back to the coves and set up shop again we didnt get anything for a little while. It was pritty cool though watching the two pups in the water tailing on the stringer. Im supprised they didnt get their tails dryed out they did it for so long. Arround 3 we were really low on bait with only 3 mullet left. Time to call chase to see if he had any. So he came on out to us not on his yak though and he was also out of bait. After about 30mins we decide to go to the fishing center to pick some up and head on back but they too were out. By this time the wind was really kicking up and making it really dificult to padel so we called it a day and headed in at 4:30pm. Tx was out there wen we came back in and he called it too he didnt have any luck. But it was a great 2 days and we had these to bring home with us that made it all the better.
  6. Well here is the improved version of my milk crate i did this the day before i got my kayak so i didnt have all of the rods behind my seat and to make it easyer to get stuff out of it. Without rods this is what it looks like: Behind seat Right side Back With rods Gotta fly the colors . This is what i did today since i could not get out on the water. I took some Ziploc container and a Rubbermaid container and put velcrow on them so that they would not slide around in the dry storage. The Ziploc one is for my phone and my camera its not as good as a dry box but it will do. The smaller Rubbermaid is for my cotton balls with glass cleaner for my sunglasses. (Read this trick in a saltwater sportsman magazine a few years ago) never had a use for it until now. I also went out today and got a net from walmart for a decent price $13.63 with tax. Its a frabil not too big and not to small i hope only time will tell. Didn't get a shot of the shaft but it is about 3 feet long without the net. Size comparison to a Ride 135 seat. It also has a nice deep net. It hangs about 2 1/2 ft.
  7. Ill get a better pic of it up later tonight rearranged all the rod holders for convienance and one right behind the seat ready for action instead of all of them behind the seat. Going to go geta scoty this week for the center consol for the blue fish speck tourny im in this saturday
  8. I don't think that that first guy has enough rods:icon_pirat:. i just have a customized milk crate on mine haven't got the money to upgrade it yet.
  9. i think it was when either the specks or spanish were back there really thick i cannt rember but almost ran over someone in my kayak club
  10. hey if some 40ft sport fishers could troll behind the marine science center at owls creek i dont think you would have a problem with your boat back there
  11. yeah i wana hitch a ride with a cobia this summer too. Man that guy was scaring me with that knife out thank god he didnt stab himself in the leg. I always keep mind in a sheth in on my vest