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  1. That my friend looks delicious! Great job.
  2. That was an awesome experience that you have shared. I am honored! Thanks
  3. Captain Monty already had a trip so I'd say "It's on"! Catch-em, keep-em, and eat-em.
  4. Thats a bergall.... The little fish with the teeth
  5. Been working too hard but needed to relax so to SPSP I went. Surprising to see it so crowded but thats because big "yellow bellied" spot are in. They pull like croakers!! There are also rampaging schools of small blues (5 to 8 inches) and juvinile rockfish. I put 12 big spot in the cooler. The fillets were thick and excellent when we had them baked for Sunday dinner. I introduced some folks who thought spot were only for bait to some good eats:booty:
  6. WTG Dre......... Look for me on the West Side.........
  7. It is amazing to read this..........ROck on! pun intended
  8. my response in seeing the picture was "Oh hell yeaH!!" Great fish
  9. Hey Dre, Bring that lure to Elkhorn. It was an excellent choice on Friday
  10. I used to be of the never use a shock leader crowd until I learned to surf cast. Now whem I'm powering a six and bait out into the surf I'm not worrying about my 30lb running line breaking, because I have a 60lb shock leader tied on. When you are generating the power and speed needed to cast more than 150 yards with a substantial weight you will need a shock leader. I cheat and use braid so I'm not impacted to bad by the larger diameter line.
  11. I use a pair of kitchen shears when using peelers. They give a better cut than any knife in my opinion. When using peelers I believe that presentation (looks) is everything. With a knife you will need a cutting surface. Try the scissors and you won't look back.
  12. In Europe they use a hollow needle to tie the bait on. The next step is they put the point of the hook in the hollow portion of the needle and push the bait up onto the hook. I watched the guy doing clams this way. I plan to use part of an old umbrella for the "needle" part. I would really like to try clams in the early season
  13. I use Penn 7500 SS almost exclusively for my ocean fishing. I get decent casts from the beach on my heavers and have yet to be "owned" when fishing on a boat on da wrecks. I use braid with mono backing and have yet to get into the mono.