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  1. Wow 12/0 wonder where I can find those here!!! 7/0 been the largest I've seen in tackleshops here!!! Oh heck one more shopping stop to make when I get done to the keys. Okay sharp teeth I guess I might as well pinch out those barbs too, makes life easier. Okay guess no snorkeling for the kids then. Was thinking of doing some snorkeling.
  2. Holly. Wow 5/0 is the biggest hook I have in my arsenal!!! Okay is there gear restriction like only circle hooks, no treble no regular hooks sort of thing?
  3. Great thanks Steve. Okay sharks, it's an idea I still can't get use to. It's not something we have to worry about up here =P Wow 5/0 hooks should I be running 30lb test or may be use braided? Some of those fish looks vicious!! Sharp teeth!! It sanctuary area marked out by buoy or has to rely on GPS coordinates?
  4. Hello Joe, no I won't be taking my boat. Will be flying in. I'll be staying in Marathon area from Mar 15 to 24. I'm planning on fishing from beach (just off Cocoplum Beach), might rent boat for a few days and a day of chartered fishing. This trip I'll just be fishing the chuck, no fresh waters. I fish alot with my daughter, lingcod, rockfish in waters of 200+ft. So this trip we are looking for something different that doesn't require jigging in such great depth (ya and lead is heavy to log around) Thank you
  5. Hi, I downloaded marine maps from NOAA. There are few marine santuary preservation areas. Are they all closed to fishing? There are also a few "Obstn Fish Haven" what are these? Thank you.
  6. Hi, How big is the no fishing zone? I tried to find map on the sanctuary and not having very much success. Thank you Chris
  7. Hi Steve, My family will be staying around Cocoplum Beach area. Can you suggest what specie of fish would be available and where to go to fish? Thank you Chris
  8. Hi, I'm taking my parents and kids (5 adults and 3 kids) to the Keys in mid Mar. We'll be doing some cruising and fishing. We'll be staying in the Cocoplum or Marathon area. Does anyone has boat rental and fishing rod/reel/tackle rental experience there he/she can recommend? Your input is very much appreciated. Thank you Chris