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  1. For me the aqua clears tangle more in really rough surf.
  2. Sorry for the late post. Last weekend my 8 yr old son pulled a 16 inch flounder and a 9 inch flounder out of Massey's ditch off the bulk head with live minnows. He also caught a small blue fish all within an hours time of high tide.
  3. Fished CHSP just south of the point on Friday morning. After the rain passed, it turned out to be be a beautiful afternoon. Caught 2 small blue on a mullet rig. I think because a pod of dolphin was aboout 40 yards from my pool. They wouldn't leave. But to my reward one jumped completely out of the water. Amazing in 3-5 foot surf. Caught those blues while the dolphin were away. The storm in the previous weeks did a number on the beach. I havent seen it like that in a while.
  4. Fished CHSP near Herring point Saturday. Beautiful day. No bites or fish. Nothing seen up or down the beach. Bunker and Bloodworm Fishbites. Beat the showers back into Lewes.
  5. Any of you fellas got a remedy for keeping the flies away? They can be brutal at times at CHSP.
  6. Fished off the bulk head with minnows and fish bites. NOTHING! Too much traffic I think. Nobody caught anything else either. Weather was warm windy and kinda overcast on Sunday the 24th.
  7. Steve, When the weather gets warmer I usually go down to Massey's and use a cast net for bait fish to use on the pier or in the surf. My kids like to use a rod to catch the spot and mullet(sometimes black sea bass, croaker). They are small but they bite so often that my boys go wild over the intensity. Whats crazy is the guys on the pier fishing for drum usually like it because they bring them the fish for bait. Trying to get them to like catching the bigger ones on the beach. They like fishing off the 'rocks' more than anything else.
  8. Just an update from my kids, we went down to Massey's Landing and fished off the rocks. Not much caught, however when we fish for bait fish, nothing was biting but a puffer. We fished with nightcrawlers, but for bait fish it's electrifying. Not much today. Maybe going to the Cape in the rain tomorrow.
  9. Its been a while since I've seen trash on the beach but it does happen. See you over the dune.
  10. I got some time off around the first of May. Gonna park my but at CHSP once I get my beach place unwinterized. Man it was a long winter.
  11. I'm livin through you Fin, while I'm working for the man. Gonna try the Cape this weekend if it stays nice.
  12. Hello, The site looks great. I will be visiting more often. Hope you guys can help me catch more fish! DE JOE