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  1. Next week three workshops are scheduled for the new Assateague Island National Seashore General Management Plan. Proposals have been made that could drastically reduce or even eliminate OSV surf fishing within the National Seashore. The meetings are scheduled for: 08/16/2011 - 4:30 PM 7:30 PM Wor-Wic Community College Workforce Development Center, Room 103-A 32000 Campus Drive Salisbury, Maryland 08/17/2011 - 4:30 PM 7:30 PM Marine Science Consortium Education Center Auditorium 34001 Mill Dam Road Wallops Island, Virginia 08/18/2011 - 6:00 PM 9:00 PM Ocean Pines Library 11107 Cathell Road Ocean Pines, Maryland Come to as many as you can. But I believe there is strength in numbers and at least at one meeting we should fill the room with fishermen/OSV users. If we can put a LARGE number of very visable fishermen in a room it will make an impact. I suggest that we all should be at the 08/18/2011 Ocean Pines meeting. The 6:00 start will make it easier for working men to be there. Wear fishermen's clothing. Hats and T-shirts that indicate who you are. We want to be visable and identifiable as fishermen/OSV users. Let's try to sit togeter en masse, not scattered around the room. If possible let's sit as near to the front as possible. Make them see us and look at us as each "idea" comes out of their mouth. It's no time for hiding in the back corner. PLEASE BE THERE!
  2. Its a Hamburger rack out of New Jersey, only thing that was modified was the 2 pvc pipes on the side that can be removed and the cable I added to each side to lock the rods and reels in place. Believe they retail for $250 to $300.
  3. Its there now. Thanks Sam.
  4. There is a better pic. Rack itself is just mounted to teh bars so it could be moved. Also has cable tie downs with locks to go over the reels to lock them into place to so they don't get stolen.
  5. Might be hard to see in that picture let me see if I can find some better ones. 3 tubes on each side, I added the rocket launchers, they are just pvc held on with pipe clamps.
  6. Nope nothing there for editing signatures.
  7. Whats the distance from outside to outside on the hitch tubes? I have a smaller rack I could trade along with some cash.
  8. I know its been 3 months since this was posted but I can't find any place to edit my signature in any of my profile settings.
  9. Thanks Morty. Wasn't bad, wasn't as good as 2008. LMB fishing up here kinda got lost when they dropped the lake level to fix the dam. I think those kingfish were yours. lol Can complain about the fall other then not getting out enough. Did break my personal best for striper and bluefish with a 30# and a 15#. These weekend blows are killing me.
  10. Little video I made from fishing trips over the year. Mostly freshwater but some salt mixed in around the Delaware area. Enjoy. [video=youtube;qCaDZ5aw5As]
  11. WTG Morty. I called and left a message and never herd back so I stayed home. Guess I should have came down.
  12. I have a pair of neoprene and a pair of hip waders. Then I went and bought a pair of breathable waders and quite honestly it was the best thing i ever did. I even use them on the river in the winter and as long as you dress for conditions you'll stay warm.
  13. Make a suicide run to the bay this morning an hopes of finding some stripers. Bluefish action was pretty good as we caught about 9 or 10 up to 15 lbs. I actually broke my personal best for he 15 lb blue and then broke my personal best striper with a 30lb fish. Weather was a little chilly with a light chop. Made it home late for the thanksgiving dinner but the trip was well worth it.
  14. Quick Question Sam. I want to put DMS# 2573 so it shows up in the bottom of my post. How do I do that?



  15. I'll post this here since its pretty close to the Delaware line. Took the girlfriend and her son and met up with a buddy to fish a pond at an orchard today. Been awhile since i fished for trout in a lake or pond. Pretty good day over all. Fishing for the trout started slow then turned on about an hour before we left. I ended the day with a nice 20 inch rainbow that went about 3.5#'s. Deffinatly good to get out and wet a line again and even better to see the kids catching fish.