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  1. Hey Flatfish, (and others [ I read this forum every day, and have for a while, {although I do not post very often }]). That's not a bad fish. I caught one just like it last November. I have my spot on the Delaware beach. Not 3 r's, but a very special place that is two miles from my house. Sometimes I catch fish, when everyone else is, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I do when noone else is... (not that I would say)... My location on the beach is not always good, but a 32 inch striper is a good night, (for me,{ even if it is skinny)}. I hope I hit a run of (SLAMMERS) big blues. I hit one last year. Yum. It is almost November.That is when I got them last year. I love this November.
  2. Thanks a lot Fin! I would love to hich a ride sometime and get to know you. I would be happy to meet you somewhere. I am also going to join the organizations you listed so that we can continue to have access to our beaches. Surf fishing is probably the most natural and environmental way to fish. If your primary purpose on the beach is to go fishing, I see no reason why we should be denied access to any more beaches then we are already.
  3. Hey Fin Addict, Thanks for your quick response and I was afraid that was the case. I am relatively new to Delaware. I live on Lighthouse Rd. right on the Fenwick, OC boarder. I'm an ol Jersey boy myself. I guess as the season heats up Ill have to hook up with some of you salty dogs, who have four wheel drives, so that maybe we can fish together. I have been Toggin all winter on the Princess and Judith M to keep my lines wet and cant wait to hit the beach for some Blues.
  4. Fin Addict, So I have a full size chevy express. Rear wheel drive. Can I drive on the beach as long as I buy the permit and deflate my tires? Should I deflat all four or just the back two? What pressure should I deflat them to? I love surf fishing and have a resident De fishing permit.