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  1. here is what we do in the middle of winter....
  2. Andrew #9 as first choice #10 second choice thanks John

  3. we still have a few of these left. ill be up this weekend let me know if your interested. #4 and #3 have been sold.
  4. we have one orange one and then two with red. did you see the picture in the MD section? let me know which ones you prefer ill check to see what we have available.

  5. Andrew, finally figured out how to pull up your messages, sorry to hear about your grandfather, but anyways I would prefer the one with alconites, but if not available orange or red wrap, wrap isn't all that important, thanks John

  6. Did you have I n mind? I'll call you tomorrow

  7. Hey Andrew, give me a call, I can't seem to pull up your messages on here but could use another 1509- 443-783-1538, thanks John - call anytime

  8. Like i said if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible so i can take it off the shelf. Also, if you are interested in more then one PM me, ill work with you on the price.
  9. More Pics
  10. Back in July i made a post about selling my old 1509's and there were some interest in them so i decided to do it again. Except this time these are all brand new 1509's built by myself and another builder from the Rod Father Bait and Tackle in Hampton VA. I will be up on the 20-22 to fish the Drum Tourney. If anyone is interested please PM me as soon as possible because these are also for sale in the tackle shop. we will take paypal or cash when i deliver the rod, what ever you perfer. If CC is a must, i have one of those cube things and we can do it that way (even though i dont like those things). We can not ship these because of the top section being 9' so you have to pick them up. If you can't make it to AI i would be willing to meet somewhere near berlin/salsibury on sunday. Here is the info on the rods: They are the Batson Rainshadow 1509 in the titanium chrome color. Rated 6-12oz. 30/70 Split (**this means the top section is 9' long**). the handles are all 28.5" to the bottom of the reel seat. The reel seats are all Fuji. All of the guides are Batson/Alps guides except #3 which are Fuji Alconites. I assure you all that the Batson Guides are just as strong as the Fuji's, I have never had one break or crack and neither has Dave (minus the tree episode) and he catches GIANT drag screaming sharks. Anyhow the Price for each Rod is $235. Rod #3 with the Fuji guides is $245. This is how much our tackle shop is selling them for and you will not find a 1509 for that price anywhere else. I personally know builders who can't sell them for less than $400.
  11. im coming up to fish the tourney friday night. can't pull the days off to get thursday and friday. Bev, i sent in my app, can you mail me the stuff or give it too dave or do i have to check in (find you guys on the beach) and check in on friday when i come up?
  12. Coop - i replied to your pm. Everyone else the 1509's are spoken for, if there are more people interested i have a bunch of the blanks and build one for you (price varies depending on components) message me for details.
  13. Hey John,

    they are the Rainshadow SU1509. they are 12'6" rated 6-12oz. Good all around heaver for the beach. they are a 30/70 split, which means the top section is 9ft. that is the only issue with the rod. the handle is long, 32" to bottom of reel seat because I have long arms. i have caught big sharks, striper, rays, and drum on these rods. both two years old but nothing wrong with them.

  14. Hey Andrew, I might be interested in one of the 1509s, would like some specifics if possible,message or call any time,443-783-1538

  15. Ill be ocean city next week with the family. ill be fishing most nights down on AI with Dave. I will have a full line of Tommy Farmer's Carolina Cast Pro rods with me. If your thinking about getting one of the Cast Pro Series rods or just wanted to cast one, send me a message and we can meet up, ill let you throw it/check it out. I will also have two Rainshadow 1509's with me, both custom built that im looking to sell for $200 each. message me for details.