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  1. 11' Tsunami with a Cabela's Saltstriker 65 Baitfeeder spinning reel spooled with 15 lb. braid is what I use. Not very expensive at all but feels like it.
  2. One Kingfish at AI on BW and a beer or two, and one TB Flounder at Stinky Beach on Squid yesterday.
  3. Thanks Guys, Leaving Bowie now and heading down there...
  4. Read a post on a messageboard somewhere that said people can drink beer on AI Md. Is this true? Just wondering..
  5. Congratulations Chris.. Your persistance pays off again.. Mike
  6. Greetings All, I will be visiting relatives in Charleston this weekend and would like to fish while I'm there. I've read about Folly Beach and Breach Inlet and would like to hear more about whats being caught and where I should try. Thanks
  7. Did you pick up some trash while you were there? Yes I did, Do You? I always keep a couple of empty grocery bags with me just for that reason.
  8. Dre and UF, Thanks for the advice. I gave it another shot yesterday morning (Sun 3/15) from 9 - 12, Hi-tide at WC was 9:50, but still no luck. There where alot of people there again this morning but still no fish! I even fished your spot UF by the tree with the Corona bottle on the ground. Man do we know how to trash a place or what! WC almost looks like a landfill. Anyway, we need to hookup soon at one of these messageboard Spring Flings or something... GB
  9. I was just wondering when does a person start fishing the Severn River from shore around the 450 bridge area, and whats biting there now, if anything? I recently discovered Jonas Green Park this past Fall when all the Blues where around and that was GREAT! Whats the story on Spring fishing there? Thanks, Mike
  10. GREAT job Unknown Fisherman, I was there the very next day 3/10 with nightcrawlers, cold water FBBW and jig/twistertail combo and didn't catch any. Man the YP run seems so elusive to me! How do you time it without fishing for them every day for a week or so? Did the full moon cause them to spawn and leave maybe? Always a day late and a dollar short !!!
  11. Fished local pond here in Bowie Sat. looking for some pullage. Got there and saw 2 guys catching Trout on Mepps spinners! I had a green one in the tackle box and slow retrieved it to almost stalling the blade spin, since it was so cold (43 degree water temp) I didn’t think anything would hit or chase a spinner bait with the water being that cold but I caught 2 really nice trout! and a small largemouth. Both Trout were hooked outside of their mouths like they were head slapping the lure instead of trying to eat it. Is this normal or did I just snag them? I only had lures (jig/grubs, tubes, small cranks, etc.) and couldn’t get strikes on anything else I threw at them. Next day (Sun) I went to another Trout stocked pond in PG County. Saw Trout being caught with powerbait and nightcrawlers, I tried the green Mepps spinner there also but got no strikes after about an hour or so. Left there and went back to Saturdays pond but still got no takers on the spinner. Anyway, GREAT to get outside with the nice weather and all. First time for me catching stocked Trout. Maybe I’ll get some powerbait and worms and keep trying the Trout until the Yellow and White Perch, and Rockfish run begins. Peace, Mike <!-- / message -->
  12. Fished several places up and down the GW Parkway today looking for Crappie. Started out 8:30 am at Four Mile Run (thanks Dre) caught 2 12” largemouth, one on white jig/curlytail and the other on pink. HUGE Carp jumping out of the water all morning there. Water temp there was 50 degrees! Left there and went to the Washington Sailing Marina, no hits on white, pink, or charteuse grubs, water temp there was 40 at 10:00. from there I went to Gravelly Point and the Duck Pond, good tide rushing out of the Duck Pond into Gravelly but no bites, water temp 40 at Gravelly and 42 inside the Duck pond at 11:00. Next up Washington Channel, (thanks again Dre) water temp only 38! and no hits. <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <o:p></o:p><!--[endif]--> GREAT DAY to be out though! Got the skunk off for 2009! <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <o:p></o:p><!--[endif]--> Met another fisherman at Four Mile Run, told me the BIG bass were turning on there and he had been slaying them for 2 days now. <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]--><o:p></o:p> I’m off tomorrow and may go back or try some of the ponds around here in PG County. Mike