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  1. Senate Natural Resources & Environmental Control Committee Chairman: David B. McBride Total # 6 Members: George H. Bunting Dorinda A. "Dori" Connor Karen E. Peterson F. Gary Simpson Robert L. Venables
  2. Think I am kidding? This just in, coincidence, I think not, or is that "Knot"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 146th General Assembly Senate Bill # 149 Primary Sponsor: McDowell Additional Sponsor(s): Rep. Heffernan CoSponsors: Sen. Cloutier; Rep. Hudson Introduced on : 06/23/2011 Long Title: AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 7 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO CONSERVATION AND ENDANGERED SPECIES. Synopsis: This bill updates Title 7 Conservation, Chapter 6 Endangered Species relating to the conservation and endangered species. This bill models the policies of neighboring states (i.e. Maryland and New Jersey). Provisions in this bill define the powers and duties of listing and delisting of threatened and endangered species, rules and regulations, and implementation authority (DNREC). The Secretary of DNREC is given statutory authority to designate threatened or endangered species based on scientific investigations by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife and can establish rules and regulations necessary for the conservation of those species and the continued ability for those species to sustain themselves. The bill inserts qualifications of endangered and threatened statuses. Provisions in this bill allow for public notice of species listing and criterion for review of status and delisting of species. The statute on the potential for permits is amended to include instances of take. This bill prohibits the take of threatened or endangered species. The importation of hides, parts, or articles made from endangered or threatened species and the sale of skins, bodies, or animals of endangered and threatened species continue to be prohibited. The bill allows for the establishment of a framework to create and implement conservation programs including the acquisition of land or aquatic habitats and conservation agreements needed to conserve threatened or endangered species of plants and wildlife. In implementing these conservation programs, the DNREC shall not restrict the use or development of private property. The bill also ensures that the disclosure of property maps and locations of essential habitat of any endangered or threatened species may be withheld if the disclosure of such information would create an unacceptable risk of destruction or harm to species or habitat. This will change the current law allowing Sec Of DNREC to "list and delist" endangered species here in Delaware as he sees fit. Currently this is the job of the U.S. Sec Of Interior (Ken Salazar). SB149 now sits in the Delaware Natural Resouce Committee and will be voted on by the end of June. I will try and post the contact info for members of the Natural Resource Committee. Please contact them and tell them what you think about this environmentalist takeover. FOR GOD SAKE HELP YOURSELVES!!!! WWW.DMSCLUB.NET
  3. Delaware is about to become the next OBX with "birding issues". I have been saying for years that this will be our next fight and now it is here. read into it what you will, but for those who have kept up with the OBX issue will veiw this the same way I see this. NOT GOOD. <NOBR id=yui_3_4_1_1_1338912666250_497>Grant</NOBR> it, there is some good stuff in this initative, but there is also a "hidden agenda". A <NOBR id=yui_3_4_1_1_1338912666250_513>chocolate covered</NOBR> terd is still a terd. I will continue to post pertinant info about this issue. Now you all know why I have not been fishing and posting. DMS could use your support in our efforts by joining
  4. Great reports and pix. I am sorry I have no pix to share as my time has been severly limited with access issues here in Delaware. I will not post about it here, but look for my post, unbeleivable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bill, you are correct. Some eat them on a regular basis, but not me. Trying to release everything I catch this year. Maybe the fish Gods will allow a few more fish if I release almost everything.
  6. Sorry I havent been posting for awhile, been way too busy with access issues and legislative agendas. Anway, here we go boys and girls, winter is over and it is finally warming a bit. Fore those of who who hit the suds, please feel free to post your reports here. Sporatic Blues, Stripers and Flounder have been snagged out of the surf, but has slowed with the cold snap the last couple of days. The Blowfish bite is pretty good in the white water and there is plenty of shorts to keep your interests peaked. I did manage to get out finally today and caught the usual suspects of skates and spineys. I was pleased to get my fill of Blowfish and managed to stick a few shorties as well. Please do not forget to sign the OBX petition for access in the OBX.
  7. Here is more information with links and is a great read. Wheats eye on Hatteras Island, N.C.
  8. This is a press release from CHAPA that came out today. I have been taking alot of heat on other boards about not posting "insider" information and now I can finally post what we have been doing. I did not want to post partial information prematurely. Please read the following and contact your legislators on the hill to get support for this Bill. We are looking to overturn the recent ruling that have closed access to OSV's in Hatteras. This could be the one that gets us where we were before all of the "envirowhackos" had thier way. CHAPA Cape Hatteras Access Preservation Alliance US Congressman Jones Introduces Bill HR #4094 to Restore Access at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area North Carolina Congressman Walter B. Jones today introduced House Bill _HR #4094_ to preserve pedestrian and motorized vehicular access to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Access to the seashore is now severely limited with the implementation of the Final Rule from the National Park Service, which went into effect on February 15, 2012. The controversial rule was issued by the Park Service in spite of an outpouring of public comments in support of reasonable recreational access. House Bill _HR #4094_ follows a lawsuit that has been filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by the Cape Hatteras Access Preservation Alliance (CHAPA), a grassroots project initiated by the Outer Banks Preservation Association committed to balancing recreational access with resource management. For over thirty years, CHAPA has worked to maintain the seashore as intended by Congress when the first National Seashore Recreational Area was established. Preserving the traditional and cultural values of the seashore has been a fundamental principle of the group, which represents people throughout the United States. The Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area has been a popular destination for American families seeking affordable, family oriented beach vacation. Under the Final Rule access to some of the most popular areas is no longer available. This has restricted access for many, including the disabled and elderly, and caused financial harm to the communities surrounding the seashore. CHAPA President, John Couch, expressed gratitude to Congressman Jones for introducing House Bill _HR #4094_. He said, "We appreciate the efforts of Congressman Jones and the leadership he has shown for preserving access to this American treasure, so it can continue to be used by the people for its intended recreational purpose." Jim Keene, a Director of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association emphasized the importance of people getting involved throughout the United States. He explained, "The Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area is controlled by Congress. That is why it is vital that people everyone contact their elected leaders in Washington now and ask them to support House Bill _HR #4094_.
  9. Sam, thanks for posting the link like that. I was going to post the embeded code, but it didn't look right. Glad you guys liked it, come on Spring!!!!!
  10. Destiny and I wanted to share our 2011 fishing experience with all of you suffering from "cabin fever". Nothing beats good fishing with "Bad Company" ENJOY and spring will be here soon, hold tight. A Look Back 2011 at One True Media - share slideshows, slide shows, Facebook slideshows, free video sharing, video montages.
  11. They are still around. Just sayin..........
  12. I got a call from a friend who works at Gander Mountain in Salisbury and he made it official. Gander is holding a "mini expo" if you will on 2/18-2/19 if you are in the area and are looking for a few good deals, you might want to stop in. Salisbury Date: 02/18/12 - 02/19/12 Event: Fishing Spectatular Description: On February 18th the following organizations will be outside in our parking lot: Assateague Mobile Surf Fisherman Association 9am-4pm They will be serving hotdogs, chips and soda, as well as reviewing beach regulations and doing member sign ups. Delaware Mobile Surf Fisherman 9am-4pm They will be reviewing beach regulations and doing member sign ups. Kenny Savage Charter Captain 9am-4pm He will be discussing the Indian river bay and inlet, the Rehoboth bay, and Delaware bay. US Coast Guard Auxiliary 9am-4pm They will be discussing vessel exams and answering questions. Donald Willey a world class knot tier 9am-4pm He will be doing knot tying demonstrations. Fisherman's Wharf from Lewes Delaware Head boats Delaware Fish and Wild 9am-1pm They will be hosting operation game theft. Saturday from 10am - 2 pm there will be a Gander Mtn. Cast Off competition for men and women - free to enter, all ages, no limit to amount of entries. Prize donated by local FLW legend Fabian Rodriguez. The winner of the event will get tournament entry up to $90 paid for. For this contest please bring your own rod and reel and whatever jig you would like to use. This event will take place in the store. Also the following organizations and group will be present Saturday and Sunday. St. Micheals RV Delmarva RV Shorts Marine Sturgis Marine Mid Shore Boat Sales Gateway Subaru Megee Motors IG Burton
  13. Thanks guys. i don't get much Tog action from the surf, so had to take a boat ride to get them. Love the "poor mans lobster". Sam, you are right, there is 60.00 there. Five must have been mine LOL. It will help to pay for the next trip out:icon_wink:
  14. I have been WAY busy and have not been able to get out to the suds like I hoped this year. I did manage to get an invite for a Tog trip and we smoked them. I know its not the beach, but it is pullage. I got the 2 largest Tog with won the pool at $60.00
  15. LMAO I think the fish are safe from me, now from Destiny thats another story. Good to be back and thanks