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  1. Awesome. Hey, a jet ski rigged for fishing. That is a great idea. What do you recommend for rigging a jet ski like that? Are there manufacturers that you recommend?
  2. Hello. I traveled to Rodanthe and stayed at the KOA last Thursday, 9 June. Fishing at the surf right in front of the KOA, I fished from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Nothing except 1 croaker, which I hooked by accident as I was reeling in. Used a fish finder rig. There was a pretty constant 20 mph or so wind from west to east and waves were 3-4 feet with a quarter moon out. Lots of lights on the beach, unfortunately, due to families looking for sand crabs, which probably scared off fish. The next day (6/10), I took a charter fishing boat (Cap'N Clam) out of Oden Marina for the 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm fishing in the Sound. Pretty slow with a couple of flounder at the legal size, 1 spanish mackeral and 1 blue. For the flounder, we hit 3-4 spots using bottom rigs. The spanish and blue were caught on trolling within the sound. The next day (6/11), I went back out on the surf at the KOA in Rodanthe from 9:30 to 11:15 am. Lots of folks on the beach, but enough room to fish. Again, only a croaker to show for the time with very bright day, winds gusting about 20 mph from west to east and temp about high 80s. That evening, the KOA has access to the sound, which is across the street from the campground. It was about three-quarter moon so pretty bright. The wind on the sound side was gusting well over 25 mph from the sound towards the shoreline. I fished two bottom rigs and caught 2 small dogfish sharks (last one was about 15 inches or so). No crabs. That part of the sound had lots of sea grass coming up into the shoreline so it was pretty miserable to walk around. I used cut-up mullet for the surf fishing and for charter boat, squid.
  3. Hi, everyone, well, I went fishing Saturday, 20 June 2009, primarily on the fishing pier. There was a kids Fishing Derby put on by the North County Fishing/Sportsmans Club, which was nice. Everyone was using top-and-bottom rigs and using squid. From 10:00 am thru 2:00 pm, mostly spot, and some croaker. In evening, around 10:30 pm, I caught a small Dogfish Shark. Otherwise, very slow that evening as I went around my fellow fishing pier partners. I used the same top-and-bottom rig. My medium action spinning reel with 1 bearing finally gave out so I am in the market for another one.
  4. Hi, everyone. I am camping and surf fishing at Kiptopeke State Park. Anyone have a report on things are going?
  5. I have read of the need for a shock leader between the rod main line, and your barrel swivel holding the leader and hook. The picture attached above recommends 50 feet of 50lb line for the shock leader. How is it tied to the main line? Just a blood knot or surgeon's knot, or do you use another barrel swivel?
  6. Yep, I think that I got it. I did not go thru the eye, and it turned out OK. However, because the line is so thick, it is really difficult to tighten. I may stick with crimping, but will see. I will try a few more. Thanks for the help.
  7. The 100 lb, 1 mm thick mono line that I bought will only loop through the eye once. I can't get the line to loop in twice, which is what is called for, I think, to make a snell hook. Also, on the clinch knot, it is a bear. The line is so thick to loop. Any suggestions besides crimping.
  8. Thank you, all of you, for the extremely helpful tips. What about artificial lures? What do most folks use at AI? Are there particular types for particular fish?
  9. How do you guys handle sharks? I have eaten them and like them, but have never caught one. Is it worth keeping within the regulations, or just cutting line and going for the blues, and red drums?
  10. Hello, everyone. I am new to this forum. I live in Charles County, MD (Waldorf), and will be traveling with family to Assateague Island in Sept 09. We intend to RV dry camp on the island. I have not surf fished for years, since I was a kid living on the west coast. I am more familiar with charter boat fishing. Any advice on how to catch well on AI. I will catch and keep Drum, Strippers, anything...really. My wife thinks that I am crazy planning this far out, but due to other hobbies, family, and work, I don't go fishing out much. For this surf fishing trip to AI, this is what I have for fishing gear right now, and other items: - 6-8 feet rods (3 each); - Spinner Reels (3 each); - 17 lb line on two of the reels; 7 lbs on one (mostly for freshwater); 25+ on one; - Assortment of lead weights and swivels; - 1/0 up to 3/0 hooks; No octopus hooks; - Artificial lures for saltwater is limited (mostly have freshwater stuff); - Cat litter plastic bucket (5 gallon); - ATV red wagon (bought for my son to carry around, but very good for rough terrain to carry); - Portable folding chairs with a little umbrella to attach - MD fishing license (saltwater); - Waders (mostly used for freshwater); - Net with handle about 3 feet long or so; I think that I need, but please validate, the following: - Spikes to hold the rods; - Steel leader or rig for Strippers; - Mullet for bait (don't have aerator); - Propane lantern for night fishing (that is legal right for surf fishing??) I have read about setting up a fish finder rig, and noticed that you can buy those also. What else?? Thanks. Lito