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  1. Hmmm. I might need to get out there.
  2. I hope you have a good Birthday! Take the day off and get out and fish!!!
  3. Sam, Your love for fishing is only superseded by your love for your family and friends. Your dedication is amazing.
  4. Time to transfer your balance to another card and never trust Citibank again!!! Shame on them. American's don't like unfair taxes and could begin to think about a Potomac Tea Party if the politicians don't shape up soon.
  5. 2nd Annual Black Friday 550 Rockfish Tournament November 28-29 Sunset Marina 410-213-1121
  6. 8th Annual South Jersey Big Bass Open Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd Cape May, NJ 609-884-2400
  7. 4th Annual Ake Marine Primetime Rockfish Tournament November 15 Ake Marine 410-213-0421
  8. 9th Annual Rocktoberfest Tournament October 25-26 Bahia Marina 410-289-7473
  9. 50th Annual Labor Day White Marlin Tournament August 29-31 OC Marlin Club 410-213-1613
  10. 16th Annual MSSA MarVa Tournament August 22-24 Ake Marine 410-255-5535
  11. Sorry Guys, I didn't give enough info. the 1st time. September 12-13 Ocean City Marlin Club 410-213-1613
  12. July 26-27 Ocean City Marlin Club 410-213-1613 Sorry Guys, I didn't give enough info. on the 1st post!
  13. Sorry Guys for not giving enough info with the original post! July 19-20 Ocean City Marlin Club 410-213-1613