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  1. Sat 11/7 Had Steve Seneff, Bill Moonlite and Friends aboard for a day of Jigging. Started out with tons of Bird Life Locally... Had a Short Bass n some Blues pretty quick... Then we banged out a Keeper between some more Big Blues. Bounced around between bird life and great readings all day Picking Short Bass and Lots of Blues...We managed to pick a few more keepers and had a Bunch that just Missed at 27 in. Blues were so Fierce we were caching them 2 at a time on jigs with a teaser above it... They had they hand full with over 20lbs of blues pulling a one time. Congrats to Steve had two keepers and also had a double header stripers (Jig /Teaser). Ocean go alittle bouncy in he afternoon... so when we were done with our jigging we hit a rock pile for blackfish on the ride in. Had Good life and lots of shorts but we boxed up one keeper for everyone and threw a bunch more back for another day. Great action all day, would have liked to see a few more keepers but it was a nice day of fishing Nonetheless. By days end the Guys Boxed up 4 keeper Stripers, As many blues as they wanted to take and limit of blackfish. Great group of guys who are always a pleasure to have on board with us. Thanks Again Guys! Sun 11/8 Stripers Blues and Blackfish Back out for another day of jigging...Had Craig, Kevin, Melissa (our star angler), and Todd from Pa aboard along with Tom and Cool Hand Al. Started out with bird play everywhere... was covered up in Big blues... Double headers etc... Pounded the for a few drifts but no bass Mixed in. Made a Move and had a Nice Steady action for the rest of the day with Short bass with keepers mixed in and loads of blues! Melissa was the was first to her limit of stripers showing the guys how its done!!! Before it was time to go Home we stopped on a rockpile and played with some blackfish... Melissa again showed the guys up with a couple nice tog... Threw back a bunch and Got everyone there one blackfish to take home... By days end the Guys and GIRLS caught around 30 Stripers with 7 going in a the box, well over 100 blues keeping around half and releasing the rest, and a limit of blackfish! Fun day with a great crew!!! Back at it again tomorrow Thanks again
  2. Well after a brief break due to weather and wind we finally made it off the dock for a Day of Bottomfishing!!! The Seabass Bite picked up right where it left off. Only had 3 Guys Today... My good Regular Customers who fished with me many times this year... We were Going fishing!!! Real shame had room for 3 more missed out on another great day of bottomfishing with limits... Forced Myself and Wayne to get involved Started off with quality seabass flying over the rail... Much better size and ratio from last week... First two drops were good with 60 nice keepers coming up... Headed to 2 More spots and Continued to have drop n reel action with double and nice size keepers Comin up!!! Boxed Up a 5 man limit by 1 oclock... Tried a Blackfish drop with crabs... But we couldnt keep the keeper seabass(which we were now releasing) of the hook... Only wound up with 2 keeper blackfish for the day Instead of going home at 2pm... In true monger fashion we headed into the beach looking for croakers and weakies... and we found them... The weakies were thick... but almost all were short... Out of over 100 we wound up with 18 keepers... caught bunches of double headers too... Bite was as quick as you could get down!!! So by days end we wound up with 125 keeper seabass, 2 Keeper Blackfish, Couple of porgies, 18 keepers weakies,. 6 Blues, and a few Nice keeper size fluke (Released ) Loads of fun and big sacks o meat!!! Good day with Great people!!! Back at it tomorrow!!! Thanks Guys Back at it today with a full crew... Ralphy, The angler formerly known as Nj Bob, Bobber, Pat, Tiny Tim and Will. ANOTHER GREAT DAY OF BOTTOM FISHING!!! First couple spots started out a little slow, but we picked at some keepers n shorts... Headed a few miles to another area and it was lock n load... with nice size keepers Flying over da rail, double headers etc... with a few big porgs mixed in. Sat on this drop, made a few shifts, and boxed alot of fish... Made a couple of short Moves... and had good action on all of them. Keeper Bass, snapper to cocktails Blues, A couple of keeper togs and big porgs!!! By 12:20 We had 125 keepers in da boat... Headed to one more Drop and we finished up the boats Limit... So By days end We Boxed up 175 Keeper Seabass, 24 Porgies, 2 Keeper Blackfish and a Bunch of blues... Over 200 tasty critters made for big fillet sacks and lots of cutting!!! Congrats to Pat, Ralphy, and Da Broken One... Back for there 2nd limit trip in a row!!! The Guys were great and as always chop Bustin was in FULL EFFECT!!! Bon as always thanks for da crumb cake!!! Bobber pumkin spice always Real Shame with the seabass closure... soon we wont be able to fish for anything Couple guys had to run but left with another Full cooler before the deckshot and group shot pic... Enjoy!!! Thanks Again Guys
  3. Fishing has Been Picking Up with Limit catches Our last Two Trips and Around 500 keepers our last 4 trips... There are alot of shorts around so the action has been great! Porgies Blackfish and Triggers have been mixing in with the seabass! Sat 9/19 Headed Out for another day of seabassin... Bruce and His Son Brendon, John and John Jr From Texas (Up while John is Stationed at McGuires Base), Don and John E. Rounded Out the crew. Got set up in 60 ft in the nice north breeze... Everyone was Hooked up with fish including double headers before i even got downstairs! Soon as you hit the Bottom ya got a Bite and that was the story for almost the whole Day... We caught away... Lots and Lots Of shorts but plenty of keepers Mixed In. Just had to weed Thru em. Great action all day!!! Short to keeper ratio was about 4 or 5 to 1. .. Moved around or shifted when the action slowed Up... And then it started all over again... Nice to see Most spots/Bottom absolutely loaded with life. By days end the guys reeled in over 500+ Seabass... with 150 Keeper Seabass ( The 6 man limit ) going in da box!!! Also had 8 Keeper Porgies and 3 keeper size fluke we released Congrats To Brendon (11 years Old) He pulled em as Quick as the rest and got hot with the keepers. Couple Of Full coolers and Big bags of fillets for everyone! Weather Turned Out Beautiful, Good fishing with a great Crew of guys!!! A fantastic Day! Needed it after yesterday Thanks Again Guys!!! Sun 9/20 Had Randy the Pipe Fitter, Friends, and Coworkers Charter Today... A 5 man crew For a day of seabassing. Well it was another Great day of bottomfishing. Drop n reel seabassing for most of the day... Some spots were heavy on the shorts but plenty of keepers Mixed in... Some other spots we got a better ratio of keepers... Action started fast and furious with a bunch nice size keepers... Then heavy on the shorts with keeps mixed in... but great overall action and life on all stops and drops! Made a move to a shallow spot and the Blackfish were around Broke out crabs and we played with shorties and boxed up the Guys 5 keeper Limit to 4lbs Lance also caught a Big trigger, and we caught a few big porgies on this drop. Went back to seabassing and slugged away until the Guys Boxed Up! By days end the guys caught over 400+ Fish and had the Cooler filled with 125 Keeper Seabass ( 5 man limit) 5 Keeper Blackfish, 12 Porgies and 3 Triggerfish! We also released a Couple of keeper size fluke. Nice bags o fillets! Awesome weather and Good Fishing with a great group of guys! Fun Day!!! Thanks again Fellas! Trigger n Tog
  4. Nice To finally be fishing again after what feels Like a eternity of Blowouts! Headed out for a day of seabassing... 4 man Crew...Tom, Pauly and Ralphy, and Tom Aka Bobber Rounded Out the crew. Started out in 55ft... and we had a few bites... seabass and shorts... Bite seemed sluggish and the water was Dirty still... But we had some Life just about everwhere we stopped... It was also pretty heavy on the shorts... We Bounced around inshore for the first 1/2 of the day and offshore for the second half... No spot was really better than any other Just a Pick Lots a shorts and flurries of nice keepers... Our last Drop in 80ft was Prob the best of the day...with a few better size ones coming Up... We grinded it out and the guys fished hard to make catch... By days end we Boxed up 78 Keeper Seabass, 11 Porgies, and a trigger. for 90 tasty treat going to the Dinner table... Camera broke so its a phone pic today... Guys might have a few more pics. Great Bunch of Guys... tons of laugh we had enough jokes to open up a comedy club! Thanks again Guys!!! Should Just get Better as the water clears up a little more... !
  5. Had another of our Wed Bonito, Albies, Spanish Mackerel Light tackle Trips... Eric the Mortgage Man, Bob Bates, Henry ,Tommy, Spence and Willie Reelerin... Had Friends Tell me they were getting alot of False and Skip Jack while tuna fishing... Nice to have good friend thanks Guys... So that was the plan Falsies and Skip Jack with a chance of a tuna sounded great to everyone... Headed out and on the ride out the wind just started honking more and More another blown forecast... was pretty dunpy when we got to the grounds... Read a little life... see big schools of rays... Put it on a drift and we few had Big false albacore and skipjack on pretty quickly burning up the light spinning rods. Went back and dropped the hook... started chunking spearing and sardines... Had Big falsies and a few Skip jack on pretty regularly... Then came a Real drag screamer our first tuna a keeper yellowfin... Nice dont remember the last time i seen them inshore but the Guys have Been catching the lately.... Few Minutes later another keeper Yellowfin... Both on light tackle Spinning setups... so it was an awesome fight that took some time!!! It Slowed up as we had a shark in the slick... hooked a skippy fillet and the shark was on... Battled him But he broke off... But at least he left us alone Back to doing battle with multiple hooks at a time on drag screaming Fat Alberts darting through the slick!!! A little lull ...Then the Yellowfin came through again!!! Hooked Up two more Cookie Cutter Yellowfins landing both... Again after a Timely battle on spinning gear... Now the albies are Going Crazy... Quick hooks Right near the boat... Then Willie Hooks Up with some bigger on his Spinning rod... The battle goes on for quite some time... before catching a glimpse... Def bigger... Gain some lose some...After 45 minutes and a great fight Willy Brings up a Nice 40lb+ bluefin Tuna on his spinning rod... Congrats Willy We had heavier gear on the boat but the guys stuck it out with the light stuff making it all even better!!! Ocean Flattened Out and the ride home was great!!! Tuna, lots of False Albacore and skips jacks...Nice day, GREAT LIGHT TACKLE ACTION!!! Good to see the tuna a little closer to home!!! Thanks Again Guys
  6. Had an all star cast... Smokey Joe, Greg Vongas, Matt Avid, Jigama Joe, Cool Hand Al and Will... Was Hoping the bite would bounce Back as we had No bites in the ocean the day before... Headed to the sticky stuff and was very happy when we caught our first Shorts and a Nice 4 lb Keeper!!! Never really could get a steady bite going but we would pick a keeper or short here n there along with a few shorts... Water was very dirty still but we were managing to put some keepers in the box despite the terrible bite... Stopped south on the way home in some cleaner water and we picked up 6 more keepers to 6 lbs... To our surprise a Barracuda grabbed a bucktail on the way up... Nice odd catch for 60ft in <acronym title="New Jersey"><acronym title="New Jersey">nj</acronym></acronym>!!! Congrats to Joe Main Monger Jigmaster for landing his LIMIT of fluke on such a slow day... Matt had 5 keepers, breaking his streak but he probably would have it if not for sabotage ... Everyone managed to get on the board and box a few!!! By days end our total catch was 21 keeper Fluke and a couple seabass... Not so Bad considering!!! Fun Day Thanks Again!!!
  7. Fri 8/14 Had Cool Hand Al, Ralphy aka Mr Okuma, Brian, Kevin, Arty and Kenny for another day of Fluking... Nj Bob was Nice enough to drop off a crumbcake in the Morning thanks Bob!!! Headed up to the SAME GROUNDS we been fishing for over 3 weeks... In the ruff stuff... Started Out with No drift sliding at .2 but we were able to picka keeper every time we stopped and a couple of shorts... Stayed with that till the Mugging became unbearable with boats stoping 20 ft on each side of us... Moved to a new area in it was More Of the same... keeper here keeper there shorts and some Lulls... We finally started to get some Current and the fish started to chew... Keep making shorts drifts working patches of keepers... some drifts we would get 2,3 or 4 some none But we Kept at it... Bucktails Def out fished bait today... with only a few fish coming on dragged bait... Congrats To Cool Hand Al who had his best day of the 2009 fluke year today... He was high hook with a limit Plus... Arty Caught his limit+ on Gulp... and Kenny Jigged Up his Limit as well... Way To hang with it Brian who came on strong at the end with some nice keepers ... Ralphy Banged a couple of keepers as soon as he switched Rods! So Some guys fared better than others today Depending on setups but we had a pick all day and grinded away at quality Keepers to fill the cooler! By days end the Cooler was filled with 36 Keeper Fluke the 6 man Limit... And everybody went home again with a jumbo bag o fillets On a side Note it is unbelievable how unprofessional Some Other Charter Capts Are... Fishing an General Area Is one Thing But a Belmar and Pt Charter Boat that circles around ya when you net a fluke and parks where you could cast your bucktail in his cockpit is Terrible and pathetic! Find Your own! Thanks again guys! SaT 8/15 It CONTINUES!!! Capt Wayne called me about an hour ago and the fluke cont to bite in da rough stuff ... Same area WE BEEN FISHING! Bucktails and Big baits! They have Tims the ex blackcat charter today a 5 man crew and have 30 keepers A 5 man Limit.... Bob bates had his limit by 10:00 am and is now high hook with double digit keepers... High Hook was in the double digits with keepers! Top fish were 7lbs, 2 @ 6.6lbs, 6.3lbs, 5.15lbs Thanks Guys! Sun 8/16 The beat goes on! 7 trips in a row with guys on the boat having limits... Capt. Wayne on the helm again today SAME AREA WE BEEN FISHING... Bill LavBob, Matt Avid, Brian and friends headed back to the rough stuff... Just read my text and Lavbob Bill had his limit by 9:30 am and is high hook with double digit keepers... Matt aka Avid has now been on the boat 3 times and limited out EVERY TIME.... He has some nice fish today with almost his whole limit of 6 fish being over 5 lbs... Brian also landed a couple of good ones! 5 man crew(one guy bailed tin the am) and 30 keeper fluke are in da cooler Bucktails and teaser again outfished bait... Matt Aka Avid Had the most impressive limit i have seen all year... All 6 fish were between 5-7.5lbs... Just Himself his 6 Fish were 7.5lbs 7.3lbs 7lbs 6.3lbs 5.4 and 5.2lbs not to mention he has caught 5 Limits + on his last 3 trips with us way to Go Matt!!! Bill had the Top fish @ 8lbs and Brian Jr and Scott put some nice Fish in the boat as well everyone went home with Jumbo bags o fillets again! All the fish in the front row are 5-8lbs... Enjoy! Thanks Again!!!
  8. Had an Open Boat Trip Today... Greg Vongas, Smokey Joe Tom, Avid Matt, Jigama Joe, Tony Triggs and Tiny Tim... Headed right past the local grounds... back to the sticky areas that have been producing for us... And it seem the fishing just keeps getting better!!! Started Off in 30 ft and the first few drifts Had 5 keepers including smokey Joes Personal best at 6 1/2 lbs... Actually left that bite because the drift was so nice so i headed offshore figuring we could come back if we have to... Fished the sticky stuff in 60 ft and keepers started Flying 3, 4, 5, a drift...Some quality fish too... 3-7lbs!!!. Just kept on banging them one after another.... Bite finally slowed up a bit but we just found another patch and it started all over again... Once it was apparent we were going to limit the guys were nice enough to urge us to get in the game with them ourselves... Thanks Fellas... We picked em good just about all day.... Even me and wayne got to fish and limited out!!! Smokey Joe Beat his personal best from earlier in the day topping his limit with his new pesonal best a 7lber... We also deadsticked another 7lber 20 cranks off the bottom by mistake! Greg Tim Tony Joe and Matt all pulled some nice size fish Today... Days ya remember!!! So By 2:00 We Boxed Up our 8 MAN LIMIT 48 keeper FLUKE TO 7.5LBS... But in True Monger Fashion we sealed the cooler, put the net away, and cont to fish for a while and we counted what we released after that.... Before It was over we RELEASED 21 MORE KEEPER FLUKE (Never thought id be saying that) including 2 5lbers. So The Final Count was 69 keeper Fluke (Only keeping our legal limit) and 4 seabass... We had 19 fish that were from 4lbs - 7.5lbs...All the fish the guys are holding are between 4-7lbs Enjoy!!! Thanks again guys!!! A day to remember for sure 4 great trips in a row with limits ,hope it Holds Up!!! Got a handful of dates available for Charter...Season will be over before ya know it! Give a buzz to get out!!!
  9. Capt Wayne Took the helm sat and kept the Monger Mojo Going with our best fluke trip of the year with keeper Fish and some more limits!!! Even the Black cat couldnt shut it down Just got the pics and full rundown: Darren, Tiny Tim Blackcat, Warren Sr (88 years old), Warren Jr, Scott Kearny and lady friend Eve Rounded out the crew. Headed right past the local grounds... back to the more productive sticky stuff... Had lots of action right away but it was very heavy on the shorts... Tiny Tim had 14 shorts before a keeper... but that would change. Started picking a few keepers with the shorts... Picking and Plucking keepers with shorts they slowly worked there way out to deeper water. Had a nice blast where every rod went of with fish landing 4 fish from 4-7lb. Kept drifting different rockpile getting some nice shots of keepers Cont to pick away at some nice fish until the day was done... Congrats to Scott kearny with personal best fluke @6lbs... Tiny Tim with a Limit ++ Eve boxed up a nice seabass along with keeper fluke... Warren jr with his limit to 7lbs combining with his father for 9 keepers... And Darren who did very well with some nice keepers for his first Time!!! By days end the crew Boxed Up 34 KEEPER FLUKE for 6 guys and a couple of seabass..Five of the fish were between 5-7lbs!!! What a great week of Fluking... 95 keepers our last 3 trips along with a 10lber earlier in the week!!! Hope it holds up Give a buzz... Thanks again
  10. Had an Open Boat Fluke trip today... 5 man crew again due to a cancellation. Avid Matt, Arty Berkman, Rich, Tom and Tom2 rounded out da Crew! Plan was to run back to the sticky stuff where we had 30 keepers yesterday... Got there and with all the wind and current the drift was unfishable... Got out of there. Headed to some of my fav inshore rockpiles a little closer to the beach and shallower... Drift was Much more manageable and the fish were hungry... It was great action, heavy with the shorts with shots of nice keepers Mixed in... Drifted around different piles finding new hungry ones on different lines... Pretty consistent for most of the day with a few Lulls. Matt Avid was first to his limit pretty quickly... Arty followed Right behind em... and Rich Tom and Tom Boxed some nice ones too. One of the Better days I seen inshore and shallow this year... Matt Avid jigged bucktails and had ones of the best days i seen someone have in a long Time def the star angler ... Arty did well with gulp and Tom Rich and Tom Dragged bait which also produced good. By Days end The guys Boxed Up the 5 man limit, 30 keeper Fluke and 14 seabass... No real Big fish the keepers were from 18-23in today But they were plentiful. Real fun crew, lots of laughs... Thanks again guys!!! 60 keepers in the last 2 Days for 10 guys, and a 10 lb kicker Fluke on tues... Great week of Fluking!!! Hope the action holds up! Dont wait We will have all fall to bottomfish but fluking will be over before ya know it!!! Give a buzz to get out
  11. Had Fins Bob, Boston Pete,Jim River Rat, PP&J John and Tom aboard For a marathon FluKing event(5 man Crew)... Just Like Both their Trips last year, plenty of big fluke for da coolers... Headed out to a stiff NNe breeze and to be honest was a little worried about fluking and our drifting condition today... Got to the grounds set up our first drift... Very Fast 1.5-1.8 but we did get a few bites and some shorts... As we made a couple more drifts the ocean and drift died Down... We starting picking patches of fish Keepers and shorts... After each patch would dry up... we would have to look for some More.... Picked and Plucked at some quality keepers, shorts and seabass... Bounced around and would get some nice flurries of keepers as well as having our times with no bites and lack of action.... The guys worked Hard and Bounced Jigs (all kinds) all day... The keepers began to add up nicely... Like last year Jim River rat was the first to his limit but the others werent far behind and Johny Boy Was hook with the Johny Jig staight from the workshop Petey had the Big Fish somewhere around 6lbs.Tom had the big humpback Seabass!!! Fished a Long day and Everyone fished hard...By the Days end the Boys Boxed up a 5 Man Limit of Fluke and 13 seabass... No giants but the first two rows in the picture are all nice keepers 3-6lbs over 20 in. As always Pleasure Have the BBS and Friends on board!!! Good Times!!! Thanks again guys Nice roll 3 trips with a big fish on now some limits!!! Hopefully aug will give up the good bite
  12. Had Bill Lowish aboard today along with Mac, Kaylee and Will Crane Up from Mt Pleasant,(Charleston)Sc. During their Vacation At the Jersey shore the wanted to get out for a nice day on the water... And they couldnt have picked a better day... Weather was Great! Bill said They wanted a fun day some action and few fish for a BBq... We headed around 7:45 out to some local Bottom and Picked away at some Nice seabass along with loads of shorts... Bounced around a few spots and the action was the same on most... As Usual Girls Out Fish The Guys!!! Kaylee kicked there Buts with the seabass Music Cranking... Sun Shining... Fish Biting... Doesnt get no better!!! Real fun day on the water. At 12:30 We headed in and they were ready to go cook up some fresh Seabass. By days End the family of 4 Boxed of 30 keeper Seabass/ling... So we sent them Home with a Monger Sack Of Fillets Anyway...Not bad action for just a few hours of fishing... Back at it Tomorrow Thanks Again Guys!!!
  13. Had Smokey Joe charter the boat out For his Son Tuckers Birthday(which he shares with me ) along with Chris, Chris #2, John and Jigamafish Joe... Headed Out for a nice day of Fluking... In the rough stuff... First couple of drifts we had decent action... few Keepers along with shorts... Kept workin a patch and we caught some shorts a few keepers... and dropped way to many good fish... Then Joes rod double over and to the Net His Doormat and personal best at 10lbs 2oz(right around 30 inches) and he was also high hook with 5 keepers. Congrats Joe you deserve it!!!!! After having the 9lb 14 oz the other day which although was a great fish was heart breaker just missing 10lbs.. It was nice for the double digit... We picked a dozen keepers and had decent action and like a switch with the south wind the bite completely died and the drift got so fast it became unfishable with an 8 oz bucktail... We headed inshore to 25 - 40 feet and it was mostly shorts witha couple more keepers but the fast drift was Rough on the tackle... Anchored on a piece of bottom on the way and added some seabass to the catch... Smokey Joe brought tons of Food and we laughed all day. Thanks for the fun day... ps way to hang in there Chris!!! Happy Birthday Tucker... 1 more year By days end We boxed 14 keeper Fluke to 10 lbs and 15 Seabass... Most of the fluke were Nice size keepers over 20in We had 2 other between 4-5lbs... That makes three trips in a row with fish over 8lbs def making up for #s in quality... Back at Tomorrow Thanks again Guys!!