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  1. So those skiis really are the cats meow, LOL. As always, great pics Brian.
  2. Thanks guys. He loves to be on the water as much as I do. Makes it hard to go to work when I get him up and his first words are "we going on the water today daddy". Thats my boy!
  3. Hit the water this weekend with my brother and son. My favorite coaker hole was covered up with boats so we made one drift and moved. We were trying to get my son on some more fish and we didnt even grab a rod. When we hit the second spot and the drift was perfect. My boy dropped his line over and within a minute pulled up a small grey trout. A few minutes later he was catching them two at a time as fast as he could. We couldnt take it anymore so we dropped a few jigs over and the catching was non stop. Most all of the fish were small but we did manage our one per person limit on greys with a 15 and two 18's. We also found a few of their cousins mixed in that made the ride home. The bite was fast from 8am until 1 when we left them biting. I cant even tell you how many we caught.
  4. Hit the water all 3 days of the long weekend. I caught a few here and there, some nice ones mixed in, but the highlights came from my son and brother. My boy caught his first fish, a croaker, on Saturday. He ended the weekend with 4 total adding a sand mullet and 2 spot to the list. My brother caught his first trout. A nice one at 23 inches.
  5. Great shots Brian. Mother nature at work.
  6. Yea we hit them just right that day. Had another day like it but mostly picking up 2-3 a day. They are running larger on average than they did last year. Hit here about 4 weeks ago. They should be showing down your way pretty soon.
  7. Hit the water Monday and had a great day. Caught 7 keeper specks all over 19 inches and a 24" rock. Spent that morning in the duck blind and got my limit there of wood ducks. This is a great time of the year to be outdoors. Hope you all are enjoying it as well!
  8. Early fall youll find me on the bayside chasing the specks. I'll take ya....but you have to sign a confidentiality agreement and wear a blind fold coming and going!!! HAHA.....anytime man.
  9. Sounds like a typical day on the seaside Dave. If you want some local experience along or a bigger flats boat to be on hit me up next time you make the trip. I live near the Quinby / Wachepreague area.
  10. Good luck man and be safe out there. Had lunch with Eric not long ago. He said you guys were getting her ready for the trip. Give me a call when you get back. Fishing is right good over my way.
  11. I belong to a small rod and gun club here on the shore. We are currently seeking new land to lease that holds geese/ducks, and any other game would be a bonus. If you have or know of any available land, marsh or freshwater please send me a PM. We are a local, ethical, and insured group. We would also be willing to trade labor for the privelage to hunt. Thanks, Doug
  12. Im suprised with that water temp that you didnt see any down there. Great pics, and better luck next time.
  13. its hard to beat a big red in shallow water. they have no where to go but run away from you. congrats on the great day brian.
  14. for you black drum fishermen....the dogwoods are blooming!!! have a fun and safe season everyone.
  15. Gotta put in the time to catch the nice ones. I did make it out for some schoolies at the mouth of the creek we live on, but by the time i wanted to take a day to head for the bigger fish we got this cold snap. Haven't heard a good report since. Glad you got some pullage though!