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  1. The fishing on the Mosquito Lagoon these last few weeks has been good. If you get out between these winter time cold fronts, the redfish have been cooperating quite nicely. Florida’s weather has continued to be some of the strangest I can remember, but large schools of Redfish have been found all over the Indian River system this month. Black Drum also continue to make their presence known tailing happily most days. My last week of trips have been spent in the Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach backcountry. Driving North winds have not allowed for much fishing the vast open flats of the middle lagoon, whereas these areas in the North end offer some protection behind the expanse of mangroves islands and oyster bars. Schools of redfish will congregate in these areas throughout the winter seeking refuge from the cold. Chuck from Garmin GPS in Missouri joined me for a few days of redfishing and caught several nice ones fishing with soft plastics such as GULP Alive crabs and the live shrimp. If you choose to fish plastics or any artificial for that matter this week, be sure to slow down your presentations in colder weather. Mark and Larry from Ocala also did well using these same tactics with schools of large redfish on Monday. The fly fishing has been good also these past few weeks. Accurate presentations and smaller patterns will still be the most productive. The most productive fly of this week the Kwan and Dupree Spoon. Lionel from <acronym title="Connecticut">CT</acronym> caught his first redfish on fly this week! Congrats and nice job. All fish caught were photographed and released to fight again! Captain Mike Bales - Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide - Indian River Fishing Charter - Orlando Florida Redfish Guide - Captain Michael Bales of Hotfish Charters
  2. The month of January has been interesting to say the least...With temperatures ranging from 25-80 degrees on the Mosquito Lagoon and the surrounding area.. This has a dramatic effect on how our inshore species will behave. Feeding aggressively in the shallows during the warmest parts of the day, to sluggish and lethargic on those extra cool mornings..Paying very close attention to water temperature is key when these winter COLD fronts move through..Starting your trip a little later in the morning can make all the difference.. Iʼll give you an example, the other day I fished a rather large school of redfish on the north end, these fish were a bit tricky to get to with the extremely low water, but with some determined poling we reached them at about ten in the morning..(The outside air temperature was a balmy 39 degrees) They were flashing and churning in a vast white sand spot with broken grass..My customers were able to catch a few fish casting Gulp Alive and live shrimp,letting the lure fall slowly and just dead-sticking it. Sometimes not moving the bait for 5-10 minutes Most of these fish were slot reds with a few 30” guys mixed in. After a dozen bites, not hook-ups mind you, we moved to another location..The fish were very slowly eating and some over-reactive hook-sets resulted in a few missed fish..Two hours of talking fishing, drinking coffee, and wishing for the sun we moved to another location after landing 4 nice slot reds. Two days later and 30 degrees warmer, I decided to check on those same slow and lethargic fish..After poling in I noticed very FEW fish in the big depression, however the were easily three or four dozen reds tailing in groups of 2-4 fish all over the grassy edge about a foot shallower than the sand spot...These fish were responsive to a shrimp and were eating with a fervor, sometimes slurping the shrimp off the surface as it was being retrieved back to the boat making for some incredible surface takes.!! We managed to boat 12 reds in less than an hour! The largest fish was right at 32”. It just goes to show that matching your presentation to the fish AS well as conditions and timing pays off! No matter what, life is short, GO FISHING! Tight Lines and Stretched Leaders.
  3. Happy New Year! The beautiful weather over this holiday week has made for some excellent fishing. The winter time low water levels have schooled up the redfish quite nicely with double digit catches not uncommon! There's also still good opportunities for the elusive black drum. Here are a few photos from this week's charters.