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  1. Jacksonville Fishing Charter 12-28-12 - Had some guys from Indianapolis yesterday. We caught a lot of fish, including black sea bass up to 3lbs, red snapper up to 15lbs, grouper up to 15lbs, sharks, and some ringtail porgies. great day fro catching and plenty of meat fo the table. Even had the priviledge of seeing a right whale while we were anchored. That was pretty special! Please visit my website at or "like" us on facebook at
  2. We started out along the beach catching pogies. I caught some great bait and was excited about the day ahead. The ocean was beautiful and the sun was shining. We made it out to 25 miles and I started trolling to see if I could pick up a quick kingfish or 2. We trolled for about 30 minutes and only got 1 barracuda on the downrigger. We anchored over a wreck looking for beeliners, amberjack, and cobia. The beeliners were there, but the amberjack was nowhere to be found. It remained that way all day. I had a large pogie on a flat line all day and only got 1 bonita. The water was a nice bluegreen color but it was dirty as a result of the storm. Apparently that had something to do with the fishing. We still got our limit of beeliners, threw back several mule red snapper up to 20lbs, a triggerfish, a small amberjack, and released several bull sharks up to 150lbs. The ride back was beautiful to so we made good time on the way back in. We had a great crew and only broke 2 rod and reel outfits. lol
  3. Jacksonville Fishing Charter - We had a tough crew today. Pogies were no where to be found so we had to go offshore and jig some bait up. We lost numerous sabiki rigs to spanish mackerel, bluefish, barracudas, seabass, etc before we had enough bait to fish with. We went 23 miles offshore into a challenging ocean. We caught numerous amberjack up to 35lbs, bonitas, vermillion snapper, sharks, red snapper up to 22lbs, and some other things. The crew stood tough and handled the 6-7 foot swells with the 2-3 foot chop and pulled the fish over the rail until it was time to go. Great Day on the ocean!! [video=youtube_share;JOYzWxRT35A]
  4. Bait was plentiful this morning and it was big. I always have a great feeling headed offshore when I have a livewell full of large live baits. Our first stop yielded 2 cobia, a rainbow runner, some ringtail porgies, monster black sea bass, an amberjack, and a nice kingfish. On our second stop, we picked up 3 more cobia, lost a fourth, picked up some more amberjack, several bonita, a good mess of vermillion snapper, and a sea turtle. We had a great time and the ride back in was nice and flat. We missed all the rain which was a blessing! Great crew and a great haul! Our biggest cobia was caught by Ben and weighed 28lbs.
  5. We had some boys from Applebox Productions on board today. We had a great day with some great fish. We had 3 kingfish up to 30lbs, a nice 35lb cobia, some mule snapper that we had to toss back, some nice beeliners, triggerfish, and several monster bull sharks. We kept the rods bent! Great job guys!!
  6. The government can close down harvest but they haven't closed our ability to go out and a have a great time, regardless of what we can keep. I had a crew today that share my same mindset. They just like to catch fish and wanted to have a good time. We went out bottom fishing and even though the water is still pretty cool (60.5 deg) the fish were on fire. We had a couple limits of red snapper up to 11lbs, well over 100 black sea bass up to 17 inches, a couple grouper, and a mixed bag of yellow bass, porgies, and ringtail porgies. The bait of choice for the black bass was crab flavored strip baits by Fish Bites! The ocean was beautiful, the temperature was perfect, and the rods stayed bent!! 904-502-7408
  7. We took advantage of a great weather window this past Monday. The seas were flat so we made good time out to 145 feet where we started bottom fishing. We didn't do as good on the big triggers this time and I believe it's due to the water temps. Last week it was 67 deg and the triggers were on fire. This week it was 65 degrees and even though we caught some nice triggers, we didn't get the numbers of last week. The red porgie and beeliners were on fire though. It seems the little drop in water temp had them fired up. We caught numerous red porgies up to 5 lbs and a bunch of beeliners up to 4lbs. We also caught an 18lb red grouper. if we could have kept everything we caught that should have bene legal minus the current bans, we would have had to quit early. Oh yeah, we also had the pleasure of being boarded by the USCG 65 miles offshore. Guess they wanted to see what we had been catching. They took it pretty easy on me though. I was just excited to be able to show someone in an official capacity the TWIC card I had to pay $150 for!! I may never use it again now!! [video=youtube;ABJNUG58mc0]
  8. <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td bgcolor="#f0f0f0" width="100%"><table bgcolor="#f0f0f0" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td valign="top" width="100%">Well let's face it, with red snapper, grouper, and beeliners closed, what options do we have this time of year for bottom fishing? Black Sea Bass, Red Porgies, and Triggerfish. We had a little window yesterday for going offshore so me and some of my regular clients headed out to 145 feet for some triggerfish and whatever else bites. We weren't dissapointed with the results. The current was pushing me North and the wind pushing me South, so achoring was unpleasant. With the current constantly changing and the consistent north wind, we pretty much did a controlled drift around where I wanted to fish. We ended pretty well with around 40 gray triggerfish up to 10lbs, 8 queen triggerfish, an 18lb gag, 8lb red grouper, a bunch of 3lb range beeliners, several big red porgies to 4lbs, a yellowtail snapper, and several sharks. We had a lot of fun; I'm ready to go back Thursday. If you want to go, give me a call. Captain Chad Starling Team Buck Rogers Fishing Charters Jacksonville / St. Augustine, <acronym title="Florida"><acronym title="Florida"><acronym title="Florida"><acronym title="Florida"><acronym title="Florida"><acronym title="Florida"><acronym title="Florida">FL</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym> 904-502-7408 </td></tr></tbody></table></td><td bgcolor="#011572" nowrap="nowrap"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3" bgcolor="#011572"></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#011572" nowrap="nowrap"></td><td valign="top" width="100%"> </td></tr></tbody></table>
  9. On Thursday we had a great crew of Jimmy, Taylor, Adam, Jim, Tony, and Joe. We had 105 black sea bass up to 3 lbs by 2pm. The ocean was nice and the fish were on fire. We also had 5 bull red fish up to 25lbs. Now is a great time to go fishing. Take advantage of the few good weather days we have this time of year and go fishing. If you'd like to know when there is room for you to go email<WBR> and type "Add to Party Boat List". Capt. Chad Starling Team Buck Rogers Fishing Charters Jacksonville / St. Augustine, <ACRONYM title=Florida><ACRONYM title=Florida><ACRONYM title=Florida>FL</ACRONYM></ACRONYM></ACRONYM> 904-502-7408
  10. Jacksonville, Florida. WHAT A DAY!!! and I mean what a day. Let me tell you what I mean. Wednesday was like glass, Thursday was like glass. The forecast was the same for Fri but was it like glass? NOPE! It wasn't that bad though; we made 35 mph out to 48 miles and put our spread of ballyhoo and a bonito lure in the water. As soon as we start trolling I hear a loud bang, like somebody stomped their foot. I thought the boat hit a turtle or something but we didn't see one so we didn't know what it was. The port engine started knocking a little but it was something I thought would work itself out. This is where "WHAT A DAY!! really started. I'll come back to this in a minute. We had a lot of action and a lot of short strikes. The bonito lure goes off and I'm thinking wahoo. It turned out to be a 15lb kingfish. We ended up with 6 dolphin, 2 kings, 3 barracudas, 2 red porgies, a mystery fish, a couple amberjacks, and released a nice sailfish. At 3pm we started to head back in from 54 miles, the left engine sounded like rocks in a milk carton so it was shot. We had to limp back in on one engine and the fastest speed we could make was 8mph. Let's see, 54 miles at 8mph works out to be about 7 hours (ouch). Well with the south winds picking up to about 15, the seas picked up with it and we were in the trough, so going straight wasn't possible. We got back to the dock at 10:30pm. Now you know why I say "WHAT A DAY!!!". Who's next??
  11. Today was supposed to be so nice today with a slight SW wind of 10kts. NOPE! It was blowing from the SW alright but it was 15+. There was a SE swell of about 3 feet with a SW chop of about 2 feet and the ocean was like a washing machine. We headed out to BR and the dirty water met us there. It apparently affected the fish as well because I did not find the amberjack like I did a few days before. They moved on out with the clean water. We still had a great time and caught quite a few fish. We ended up with a 10lb snapper, 15lb red grouper, 38lb amberjack, 25lb amberjack, 38 beeliners up to 3lbs, a few big black sea bass, a few triggerfish, and of course some sharpnose sharks. What a great bunch of men. I enjoyed the day with them and I know those fish will be enjoyed! The ocean did lay down finally for a nice ride back to the dock at least. Keep those rods bent!
  12. After all the winds and canceled days due to the wind lately, I was so glad to be offshore again! The ocean started nasty but ended nicely before the day was out. We had a day to remember today. We limited out on red snapper up to 10 1/2 pounds (several throwbacks), caught a mangrove snapper, a lane snapper, 16 vermillion snapper, a trigger fish, a 32lb cobia, a few grouper that were too short, and a bull shark that came in at close to 200lb. What a fight, and we tied together some great team work to put it in the boat without a pistol I had a great time with a great crew and I look forward to the next trip. Happy Birthday Diana!! We kept the rods bent!!
  13. The ocean was a lake this morning. There was only about a 1-2 foot swell and it stayed that way all day with a slight breeze from the south. Absolutely gorgeous! I like it when the weather man screws up in my favor. it still doesn't even out though. We hammered the beeliners today. It seemed like everywhere we stopped, beeliners were there. We had to work for the snapper but the crew got their limit with 8 red snapper, we had a boat limit on beeliners with 50, a couple triggerfish, a few black sea bass, a big spanish mackeral, and a bunch of sharks. We kept the rods bent all day and the trash talking lasted all day. What a great time.
  14. What does a man have to do to get a break in the weather? Well after watching the wind over the past couple weeks and the storms over the past couple days; and seeing the 90% rain chance for today, my hopes of today being my window were dwindling fast! Here's the deal; I had the perfect crew pending. They wanted to go as bad as I did so I was watching the weather very closely and began to see a northeasterly shift in the storm cell which gave me hope. At 5am this morning I called Erik and told him the storms were north of us, that they appeared to be continuing north, and we had our window and it was on! Of course I had satellite weather on board to keep a close eye on any developing systems and every safety precaution was observed!! I decided to go out of St. Augustine which would give us even more of a buffer between us and the storm system and it was a good decision. The seas were glassy and the wind was minimal (for a minute!!) I went to a spot I hadn't been to in a while and that one spot is all it took. Between 8:30 and 10:30 we had 10 red snapper (released several shorts), 4 vermillion snapper, 2 lane snapper, a short mutton snapper, 2 gag grouper (18lbs each), several sharks, a triggerfish, and a 15lb cobia. The wind really picked up about double what the 10kt forecast was, and the seas began building as a result so I made the executive decision to cut our losses and head to the hill. Made it back to the dock at 11:45 with a fish box full of fish!! Great trip gentlemen.