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  1. Wow, It's been a while. Anyway, The Thanksgiving Trout bite was crazy. Walked out on the beach one day and from the Southend to past the Blockade Runner was people fishing. Most were out there for Whiting but a few were fishing for Specs. The first few days were trout in the 2-3 lb range with smaller ones mixed in and gradually they got smaller and smaller. Favorite Among most was the good Mirrolure with grubs of all colors in second with a few bait chunckers. Sorry if ya missed it but they are still around and the water temp is holding in the low 60's for now. Getting ready to really pound the river and hammer some Stripers and hopefully find a few trout mixed in. Later, Capt. Danny Wrenn 96 Charter Co. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  2. Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  3. Beach Water Temp is in the upper 60's. Have not been out this in a week or so, but the Spanish Mackerel are here. There have been some good fish, in the 4lb range, caught a little south of Wrightsville Beach. I saw some small fella's while surfing Monday morning at Crystal Pier. There have been some blues off Johnny Mercers and I am sure the Spainsh have Made their way there too. I saw a few guys King Fishing on Friday, good luck fellas. Probably have more luck down at Oak Island or Carolina Beach. Some good catches of Flounder in the Cape Fear River and the Drum are there as well. Kings should be closer to the beach and the Cobia will be here soon. If big blues sound fun to you then the next few weeks at Wrightsville Beach is for you. Historically, they are here the first few weeks of May and throwing broken back plug and other long diving plugs usually temp the 8-15lber fish. Fish structure on moving tides. Booking Trips for the Spring and Summer Now. Good Luck, Capt. Danny Wrenn 96 Charter Co. Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  4. Greetings from the Cape Fear Coast I have been hitting the Cape Fear and Carolina Beach areas over the last few weeks. The Flounder been pretty solid most of the fish have been caught soaking small pogies along various grass points and rock structure. We did catch one on a 3 1/2 Yozuri Crystal minnow the other day. The average flatty has been around 3lbs. The drum bite has been hit or miss up river and a little better down river. Yesterday, I was fishing with two guys from Durham and we started out up river hitting some shark infested points and grasslands looking for some Flounder. We had two scaled mullet and a big V bite mark on one mullet at the second anchor drop and about 5-10 shark bites, little fellas. At the third anchor spot, we finally got a nice 19" Cape Fear Flatty and missed two more but it was taken a while and the shark bite had disappeared. With a little over hour to go in the trip I had to decide which direction to go, look for trout or drum. Drum it was and after a short run in the river. We pulled up on a grass island and mud flats that looked great with the super flooded high tide. We switched to throwing Gulps and jigs and popped three Drum in an hour two 20" and one that top the stick just under 27". The tide had ready started falling out hard so it was a hazard run off the flat not to ground the boat and really be stuck for a long time since the tide had already started dropping hard. We made it off the mudflat and back to the dock without any problems and headed to the house. If you the time, the Cape Fear River is a good place to be this time of year. Booking Fall Trips for Trout, Drum, Flounder and Stripers. Thanks for Stopping By, Capt. Danny Wrenn 96 Charter Company Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  5. Greeting from the Cape Fear Coast It's firing up. Jay and I hit the Wrightsville Beach sound and found some keepers. Two drum, a small gag, some legal flounder and a nice citation size trout. 5.6 #'s. See ya Next Time, Capt Danny Wrenn 910.619.2224 [/url] Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  6. Got an early start this morning, Up at 4:30 to get to my buddy Jay's house @ 5:30 so we could meet Capt.Travis (Flat Out Flying Charters) at 6:00 in Carolina Beach. The plan was to hit some new areas in search of Red Drum. Long story short, we saw some fish as we trolled over their heads. There was a lot of water flooding the grass, just not a lot of fish schooled up. After going a long way back in the creek I had scored one short flounder and one keeper flounder. A different tide and a different moon may have proved a different tale. We moved on to hit some oyster rock and lose some more grubs to pinners and bluefish. We did see several Sheepshead cruising along the oyster bars (another time). We moved along. Tried another creek line and finally Travis scored a small drum and I got another keeper Flounder. The tide was falling out hard and clock ticking for Jay and I it was time to go. Capt. Danny Wrenn 96Charter Co. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  7. Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  8. I got a phone call today that the Castle St. Ramp was open. I called my buddy Jay and we decided to take the boys fishing after school. The idea was to see if anything was going on in the river and check out the water. We set out some trolling rigs and began the search. As we cruised the shoreline I spotted some activity closer to the bank and picked the casting rod and four shots later wham a slammer strike and I handed the rod off to the boy and we landed a nice 28" bass. Several minutes later Jay hit a nice one but the transfer off to his son resulted in a lost fish. We fished this area for a while with out any more strikes. We continued the troll about two minutes later wham! My boy got to the rod first and landed a nice 22" fish. We continued to troll and ended up with two more fish and casted for a while before we had to go and the boy got a tagged fish. No Reds or Speckled Trout but who's complaining. Capt Danny Wrenn 96 Charter Co Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  9. odd pair 24" red 21" flounderLongtime fishing buddy, Capt. Travis Dant of Flat Out Flying, and I hit some offshore rocks and reefs briefly Wednesday looking for some grouper but only found sharks and this nice flounder. We ran back inshore and hit a few Red Drum before we had to call it a day. We were using some big 6-8" mullet on circle hook rigs. I also hit the sound on Thursday and found couple of short flounder. I was jig fishing with some of my favorite Haw River curly tail grubs along some oyster banks in Lee's Cut. The bait had moved back in and is all over the beach. I hit the Cape Fear River once this week looking for some Red Drum and Speckled Trout and found tons of Gars. We did manage to get a small Striped Bass trolling a bank near Downtown Wilmington. All that freshwater has pushed the bait and the fish waaaaayyyy down river. I'll be hitting it again next week to see if we can find'em somewhere. Later, Capt. Danny Wrenn 96 Charter Co. Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  10. Monday 10/18/10 hit the waterway down in Masonboro area and got this 19" Flounder. Got the Flounder on a Saltwater Assassin Jerk Shad. Got the Flounder on a Saltwater Assassin Jerk Shad. Jay and I saw tons of bait but could not find the Reds or Trout. As I paddled up on one flat I had two nice blow outs but never got a look at the fish. Capt. Danny Wrenn 96 Charter Co. Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  11. Ran out to the hit the Wrightsville Beach surf for an hour or so today and ended up with 4 "keeperish" sized flounder. Caught'em all on Strike King 3x ZULU and jig. I love those 3x baits almost impossible for Blues and Lizard Fish to get through'em. Equally it is almost impossible to rig these things. But once you got it on the jig fish have a hard time getting them off. I seem to be on a flounder roll of late, not complaining. Saw some nice Spanish busting just behind the breakers and some nice large busting schools a bit further off the beach. There were several boats working these schools. Beautiful day at Wrightsville Beach. Only 11 more days before it FREE PARKING. Capt. Danny Wrenn 96Charter Co. Wilmington N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  12. I just got the word this week that the Cape Fear Striper Invitational will be held January 14-15, 2011. This is a great tournament helping support Fisheries Restoration in the Cape Fear River Basin put on by the Cape Fear River Watch. For those interested you can find out more at They have not yet updated the website but it will get you in contact with the right people. You can also contact me for more info. I will update the info as it comes to me. Capt Danny Wrenn 96 Charter Co. Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  13. Here's the report: Trout, trout and more trout. Live shrimp and mullet are hard to beat. Shrimp can be had a Motts Seafood and Island Tackle and Hardware @ $6/dozen. Sparkle grubs and a variety of Mirrorlures are also a good way to roll. The trout are stacking up in their usual place from Topsail to Southport. There are some red drum cruising the surf but you got to be willing the beaches to find the schools. Several nice pompano and mullet catches have been rumored on Carolina Beach. There are also some nice flounder stacking up in the surf. I have caught three to four keeper fish each time I have walked the beach in the last couple of weeks. Throwing mostly white or smoke jerk baits jig heads. I have not hit the trout to much surfing. Surf fishing is all I have done in the last couple of weeks due to some nice surf we have had after a 3week lull with lake like conditions. Capt. Danny Wrenn 96Charter Co. Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters
  14. J and I got a few small ones this week on some Haw River grubs and some DOA shrimp under a poppin' cork. There have been some good catches reported out of Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. I fished up river the Brunswick River but got skunked on Monday. There have been a few guys Striper fishing but the bite was slow this week according to the reports I got. There have also been good report from down river about some red drum. I also heard there have been some fish caught up around Topsail. Get out before the netters get them. Capt. Danny Wrenn 96Charter Co. Wilmington, N.C. 910.619.2224 Cape Fear Fishing Charters