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  1. So you don't want to support the little tackle shops or what? Got a deal with green top or do you have wallmart stock?
  2. I'm not trying to be a harda$$ here, just trying to get people to see that the little shops at the beach where you fish and buy your bait need your money more than the big impersonel stores. I/we spend two, three, four hundred dollars on custom rods and then we complain that the little shops charge tencents more for hooks. Little shops don't survive on selling just bait, We need them so we can buy bait, please support the little shops when you can. CHEERS, AL
  3. Just putting something out there to "think" about! Walmart sucks when it comes to sporting goods and people should support the locals not the stock holders.
  4. I think sorting them orally would be better. Any one of us would still be in jail, and we would deserve to be.
  5. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TACKLE SHOP! Mom and Pop tackle stores need your fishing buisness, when they go out of buisness because you buy your stuff at Wally World and the green roof where are you gonna buy your bait? THINK PEOPLE THINK
  6. Rob is one of the best we have fighting for our beaches. Check out his site fishmilitia.com
  7. Spread the word, I would be willing to bet that half of the people who visit Hatteras have no idea what is going on. I see so many OBX plates all the way up here in cenrtal Pa. I wish I could stop them and tell them to get involved in the fight, but you just can't do it.
  8. Thanks Finaddict,you beat me to it. capehatterasanglersclub.org is another one that is active in the fight and is a nice club to memeber of, they have stuff going on all the time, including the largest surffishing tournament in the world the first week in November. More info in what is going on, check www.reddrumtackle.com go to forums and www.fishmilita.com drumdums war room
  9. Not picking on you here Kinfisher, But anybody who fishes Hatteras NEEDS to belong to OBPA and NCBBA they are the ones fighting for our rights to drive on the the beach. Wake up people there is a VERY good chance that these envowackos are going to win the big ball of wax and we wii not be able to drive the beaches.........EVER. Its not just Hatteras either, Cumon folks PONY UP.
  10. The state of Delaware will probably charge you two dollars to drive across it and a dollar to look at it.
  11. Derf, missed you this fall. I was down last three weeks of October, Rather crappy weather and rather crappy drum fishing. I did manage to find a couple big ones but not as good as usaul. Probably won't do a spring trip and I will be lucky to get a fall one in, I am in the process of finding a new job, closed my plant mid Dec, and I'm not sure what I wanna be when I grow up. Depending on new job (assuming I can find one) not sure I will be able to get a trip in....... fingers crossed, Not sure I can go a year without catching a pig. Hope all is well, AL
  12. You are in for a big let down, mostly high dollar hunting trips, and off shore fishin, I live about 25 miles from the "Burg" and have access to free passes and won't waste my time..... then again what I mostly care about is surf fishin and there isn't much, if anything there about the surf. In my book HIGHLY OVERRATED. If you go, Do the Bass Pro thing, it is well worth the short shuttle bus ride, you have to ride a shuttle to get from the parking lot to the show 95% of the time anyway.
  13. You beat me to the punch, I wanted to post the same thing yesterday, GOOD JOB !!!! Should we put this on every fourm? AL