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  1. Don't have any pics, wife won't let me use the digital on fishing trips. I'm asking for a cheap digital to keep with tackle box to document my exploits. HA HA.....for the few times that happens.
  2. Finally after 7 unsuccessful trips from PA, Saturday I managed to hook-up with 3 striped ones on AI in 4 hours. All were between 25 - 27" and even though no 40"+ it was well worth the trip. 1st & 3rd pulled like bigger fish.
  3. Starting to sound like a broken record. Fished AI Sat - Mon AM with no luck. Tried north beach and south of bull-pen, saw some birds working about 400-500 yards out Sunday morning. i agree with Jim, it looked fishy. Tried bunker, finger mullet and clams.............must be doing something wrong. Try again maybe next week-end.
  4. Fished AI Saturday, 9am - 3:00pm - nothing. Sunday, 7am - 11:30am - nothing. Monday, 9am - 11:30am - nothing, blowin hard used spiders to hold bottom. Got plenty of casting practice with new conventional reel. Try again in 2 weeks.
  5. Planning to be AI Saturday - Monday. Try out a new Daiwa conventional reel, usually use spinning reels.(I'm fired -up to try's was a long winter) If anything is happening Friday, please post report.
  6. Nice video, great pics and liked the sound track....JH or SRV? After the year I had.......I need to go fishing with you. Cuda