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  1. Hatteras Dolphin; Kayak Crack Three days of beautiful weather don’t come together very often; so, you have to make hay while the sun shines. Fished the shoals with Kevin and Shante after school on Friday and Kevin scored a 43 inch red. Between impending thunderstorms and big bull sharks swimming under the yak, I was puckered pretty much the whole time. Got home and packed my gear then headed to Oregon Inlet to fish with Captain Jason Snead on the Dream Girl. Always a blast. Boxed a 52 pound dolphin right off the bat then added another dozen gaffers before turning to the deep in search of a bill. Wasn’t long before a blue and black Ilander on the left short disappears into a blue hole. Fish on! Two-hundred-pound blue put on a great show while Jason chased him down. Jimmy cleared the Ilander and grabbed the leader just as the man-sized fish launched out of the water and broke the line. Awesome! Two days of great fishing was a tough act to follow. Believe it or not, Sunday was even better. Rob Alderman, host of Outer Banks Angler TV, invited me to join him to film an episode about kayak fishing offshore. Sunday morning, we loaded our kayaks, food and drink, rods and reels, journalists, camera man, and Hooters girls (television) on two charter boats. Half the crew was on Big Tahuna and I was with the other half on Captain Chuck Gregory’s boat Fish Hog. We didn’t have to go far to find weed and dolphin. Hit the break and launched the yaks. We were trolling split billed ballyhoo and it wasn’t long before Matt Adams and Joy Crist, who were fishing in a tandem, to hook up. The dolphin jumped and went berserk but Matt lost it next to the boat. Then I landed a small fish. Matt and Joy hooked and lost five more and I caught another bailer when I noticed something flashing under one of the weed beds. Dropped a Stingsilver and jigged up a tinker mackerel. Quickly tied up a 9/0 Gami J-hook and dropped the little bullet over the side. Seas were so calm that I was able to stand and paddle along the weed beds. Bait wasn’t out 10 minutes when I looked back to see a big green head engulf the little fish. Game on! Big dolphin screamed drag, shot across the surface, jumped completely out of the water over my head, and threw the hook. Yahoo! Definitely addicted. Fishing slowed as the wind and current picked up. Yakers on the Big Tahuna caught two Amerjack and a nice dolphin. Ended the day pulling amberjack off Diamond Shoals Light (in the boat) with 250 gram vertical jigs. Rob, Chuck, and Scott are cooking up more bluewater kayak trips, get in touch with them if you’re interested.
  2. I love it when everyone is right. I usually use an Accurate 197 with 30 pound braid but the reel was acting up so I grabbed my SLOSH and mono. My other rod is a Torium 20 on a Tallus with 60 pound braid. Many, many, drum have been landed on surf gear (17 pound line), tagged, released and recovered. I caught a tagged drum from Sandbridge Pier last year that had been caugth almost a year earlier from the same pier. With a good drag and a little skill, you can put plenty of pressure on these fish. As much fun as catching a drum from a kayak is, when you're fishing around the shoals you don't want the fight to last any longer than necessary. I don't think the fight lasted any longer than it would with heavier gear and I had 20 feet of 30 pound shock so I could put the heat on at the end. I totally agree. Catching big fish (that you plan to release) on light tackle is reckless and irresponsible. I've seen it too many times, myself. Thanks for speaking out against this practice and reminding us of our responsibility to the fish. Ric
  3. Snuck out to the shoals in the kayak just before dark Friday night and scored a red. We rode the last of the outgoing to the shoals. Anchored up next to the breakers and as soon as the tide turned my buddy got a fish. Then, just before total dark, I hooked up. Fish dragged me into the shoals and I narrowly missed two breaking waves before the red made a run for the slough. Once I had him in the open it was all fun and games. Fish was caught on whole hard crab on a 8/0 Gami. To cast the bait as far as possible, I use a 7 1/2 foot medium action Lami kayak rod and SLOSH 20 casting reel spooled with 17 pound monofilament and 15 feet of 30 pound shock leader. Pretty light tackle so the fish is in control. I rig up a surf fishing fishfinder with a 1-inch leader of 100 pound fluorocarbon and a 3 ounce pyramid sinker. Instead of a nylon fishfinder slide, I use a 150 pound test snap swivel. By the time I landed the fish, it was getting dark and I headed back to the launch rather than brave the waves. Probably only fished for an hour total. Fished the same area in my boat all day Saturday and didn't get a bump. Just when you think you got 'em figured out...
  4. Since I was already going to be on the OBX for a fishing seminar on Saturday, I decided to stay the night and fish out of HI on Sunday. Once again, I caught a ride with Jim Bowman and his crew on Marlin Mania. We left Teach’s in heavy fog and ran south east. When we hit the break, the fog got really thick, like steam rising off the water. Water temperature went from 46 to 66 in a space of 200 yards. Mate put out the first bait and was handing the rod up to me on the bridge when it almost got ripped out of his hands. Missed that fish but quickly hooked another on the next bait that went out. While we were fighting that fish, another hit a bait dangling from the outrigger. After that, it was on. Landed a 60 incher and had doubles on every pass. Released a half dozen and lost a few more before the anglers were beat. Jim ran us deeper to look for something bigger (he caught a half dozen yellowfin and raised a sail on Saturday) while the crew took a nap. But, as soon as he turned back towards the break, we got covered up again. Hooked 6 and released 5 at once. Talk about a circus. After that show was over, we pulled in the trolling gear and put out a single 130 with a whole menhaden and started chunking. Bluefin were all around the boat swirling on the baits, but they wouldn’t eat. We had a 100 to 200 pound fish darting under the boat and boiling on the surface. An awesome sight. Fog didn’t lift until we left the ‘Stream. Ran home with slick calm seas and tired arms.
  5. After being stuck inside during last week's spring-like weather, I couldn't face a blowout this weekend. Noticed a weather window in Hatteras, so I made arrangements to ride along with Captain Jim Bowman on Marlin Mania. Jim took us to the break south-east of the Rockpile where we found 66 degree water and big bluefin tuna. Shared the bite with Good Times and Little Clam. We scored a 117-pounder for the box and relased a half dozen more. Back at the dock by 1:30 and before the front moved through. Not only is Captain Jim a great fishermen, but a real nice guy. Get on it while the gettin' is good! Ric <!-- / message --><!-- attachments -->
  6. Blackfin bite is off the hook out of Hatteras. Vertical jigging. Crew on Big Tahuna caught 620 pounds of tuna – averaging 29 pounds each. Constant action with tuna, albacore, and amberjack. You must do this before you die!
  7. Slow catch and tough fishing last weekend. Froze solid Saturday looking for rockfish at the CBBT. So cold that our eels would freeze stiff, then come back to life when we threw them in the water. Ran to Hatteras after getting back in and joined Steve Warren and crew on the Big Tahuna to vertical jig for blackfin. Cold water moved in and the fish moved out, but we did catch some amberjack. Hopefully, this weekend will be better. Ric
  8. Fished the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel with Kayak Kevin and Shante. Incomming tide had the schoolies lined up in the lights from the beach to the tunnel. Hunted down a couple fish close to 30 inches and saw a couple over 30 inches. Sight casting with 3-inch Tsunami shad; striper hate that thing. Won't be long until the big ones show up.
  9. Striper, striper, striper. Sneaked out the the High Level with my brother and Chris Boyce on Friday night and whacked the rockfish again. Same scenario. Anchor uptide of the bayside bridge on the outgoing and drift eels into the pilings. We all scored citations - biggest 47.75 inches - and I even landed a 42 with a spinning rod and Storm lure. Then we prowled the light line with light tackle and storms and caught 30 inch rockfish on every cast. Got home from the CBBT just in time to pack a lunch, make some coffee, and meet the crew on Waterman to fish the VB Rockfish Shootout. We caught a limit of 38 to 40 inchers off Smith Island where the boat had landed two 50 pounders the day before. Tourney results: Artificial Division: Linda Kaye, 138 pounds, $68,000. Eel division: Just Luck, 121 pounds, 38,000 bucks.
  10. Wow! What a night. Fished the High Level of the CBBT with Wes Blow last night and caught 40 to 48 inch rockfish as fast as we could get a line in the water. We were anchored up tide of the bridge and floating eels into the pilings under bobbers. After we lost or broke all of our bobbers, we caught just as fast dropping eels under the boat. Several times fish would take the eel out of our hand as we dropped our lines down. Conservative estimate is over 40 fish in three hours. We were the only boat out and the only trucks in the parking lot at Crab Creek. Oh yeah, Sunday Wes and I fished the offshore wrecks and live bottom with the Ken Neill and crew on Healthy Grin. We loaded the boat with sea bass and tilefish and scored 9 citations. Caught big blues two-at-a-time in 300feet of water and even pulled some triggerfish off a wreck.
  11. Thanks guys. Nice site with some old friends. Fish were caught near the Concrete Ships about a 1/2 mile off the launch ramp at Kiptopeke State Park. Use a medium/heavy conventional combo spooled with 30 pound braid. Tie on a 150 pound snap swivel, a 2 to 6 ounce inline sinker, 4 feet of 80 pound fluoro and a 9/0 Owner cutting point J-hook. Paddle up to the ships and drop the eel to the bottom. Make a couple cranks to get the bait off the bottom and wait for a fish. Wind just dropped out so I'm going tonite. I'll post the results. Ric
  12. Fished the Concrete Ships off Kiptopeke on Satuday night and landed a 45 incher in the 'yak. Then returned Sunday early AM in the boat and I got another 42 and my brother landed three to 44. All on eels. Drifted off Fisherman's and lost two fish then drifted off the ships and lost another fish. It's on.