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  1. Fished the OIBT touney on Saturday, finally the striper fishing is getting good. 37 inch striper and my nephews 31 inch striper (he won the kids division) off the Fenwick surf.
  2. does anyone know if the tourney will be open from fenwick island to just north of the IRB, or is it just from 3R's north of IRB? I will be driving on..
  3. WOOHOO..nice job..hopefully those fish are biting next week for the tournament.. I'm tired of getting skunked at the tourney...
  4. have to agree on the disappointing flounder season!! as for the show I have only seen it when I am in the ocean city area. If I remember correctly, the show about Flounder fishing was with kids(or am I wrong) and the kids enjoyed themselves..
  5. Fished 3r's yesterday, ended up catching 3 skates, although it was fun getting a tug on the line I had to call it a day. Will try again next weekend, hopefully better results.
  6. me on that if only I could get the smudge marks off the screen....
  7. Thanks for the updates.Hopefully their will not be any problems this time...
  8. Thanks for the info on DMS Fish Tournament. received the below info from Old Inlet Old Inlet Annual Spring Surf Fishing Tournament - Sat May 9 12th Annual Delaware Seashore Fall Surf Fishing Classic - Sat and Sunday, October 3-4
  9. Yeah... GO BIRDS.....of course I'm talking about the EAGLES
  10. I have to submit my vacation for the year within the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know where I can find surf fishing tournment schedules on the internet? I am looking for the tournaments held from Fenwick Island to the Indian River bridge..(I know the Old Inlet Bait and Tackle took over for the Bethany-Fenwick Commerce and they usually have one around Mother's day and then another in Septmeber).thanks for any help... just want to know the dates in case I'm working in the weekend of the tournament and need to take off...
  11. thanks for the info...someone always told me the east wind is the beast and the west is best for fishing.......whenever I went during a west wind, fishing was no different then the east wind