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  1. Assateague sunday a.m 49 inch 51 lbs
  2. thx. glad you said something
  3. 1 bite tonight. 1 rock 29 inch. here they come
  4. fished AI the last 2 days. no rockfish
  5. You gotta start gettn the itch a little earlier. awesome rockfish run this may. If you luv surf fishin, that 40 inch striper will really hook ya!
  6. Nice Fish. This has been the best year at AI i've ever had. Glad to see i'm not alone.
  7. 6 out of 7 on bunker head. 1 on a chunk
  8. 3 of us fished A.I. last nite from 7 til 10:30. Landed 7 stripers. 1 short and rest were between 34" and 41". Lost 2 in the wash. great nite
  9. We all get lucky now and then. Pics should be n the Coastal next week. Let me know if the current settles down any this weekend. I can't get back out till sun or mon.
  10. Fishin AI tuesday night. ORV zone. 2 on bunker head 1 on a chunk.
  11. Fished tuesday night from 10pm til 230 am. 3 stripers 38", 34 and 35. Nice night. Needed 10oz to hold.
  12. Fished A.I for the last couple hours of sun on thursday eve. Not 1 bite. It was beautiful out there tho. Thanks for the heads up that the fish are runnin!
  13. I fish assateague all the time year round. It seems to me that any wind that pushes bait toward the beach is good. That would be anything coming from the east. Whether it be NE, E, SE, or even South. High tide seems to fill the troughs with fish a little more but I (and from other reports I've seen) have caught fish at all different tides. If you have a chance to go. Just Go! You must put in your time and not go by just what other people think is "The time to go". Just fish my friend! Just Fish!
  14. Nice fish! fished sunday. caught 1 shorty and 1 shorty flounder. Fished mon afternoon high tide and lost a big1. fished tues dusk hightide and didnt see a bite. Been seeing fish, just havn't gotten mine yet.
  15. Go fishin! That is a beautiful time on assateague. Stripers start runnin and the weather is perfect. Go getem!