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  1. Yes - sandbars, duskies, and sand tigers were already prohibited species. The new law makes it so that we cannot remove them from the water to remove the hook and take a hero shot. I didn't follow the initial part of the story, but I'm sure it was at least partially prompted by hero shots of people sitting on/riding their catches. The former law said we had to release the prohibited species in a way that maximizes their probability for survival. Obviously sitting on a shark does not maximize its shot at survival, so the new regulations were implemented to clarify how we should release them to ensure survival. Of course there were other political and economical reasons for the new reg, but there has been plently of that discussion all around the internet.
  2. I also found that spot were thick this weekend, but did not manage to catch a single king. Saw several schools of bunker moving north during the early evening on Saturday. It's really neat watching dolphins coordinate an attack and work the schools. Other than that just one cow nose and one butterfly ray. Nice job with the sandbar btw...assuming your buddy just cut the leader close to the hook?
  3. Per, Sharks , it appears Delaware made it illegal to land prohibited species which as we all know includes Sandbars, Duskies, and Sand Tigers. This should make for an interesting summer. I'm interested to see how enforcement of this is handled and what penalties will be imposed for violators. I can say that I defiinitely won't cast a shark bait in the water during the day. Edit: After further review, this does not appear to be the new regs that apply to surf anglers. The link I posted defines "land" as causing to go on shore from a vessel. I inquired with a <ACRONYM title=Delaware><ACRONYM title=Delaware>DE</ACRONYM></ACRONYM> offical who replied that the proposed regs are being reviewed and a final decision should be made within the upcoming days. She said the final decision would be posted on the DNREC's website as well as in the Delaware Register of Regulations. If anyone heard otherwise, please share since the biters are making their way into the surf.