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  1. Thanks for the reply Sam. Trip is still on. I was hoping to hear I'd find fish in deeper waters, but good to know something's biting. I have been reading up on the trout. Hopefully the water will be cold enough and the trout will move in. Any recommendations out there on the bait and tackle I should be using for the trout? Can anyone recommend a good launch and bait shop in Merrilles Inlet?
  2. Taking my first vacation to Myrtle Beach the first week in NOV. (Live in Charlotte). I want to spend a few days in the blue water, but don't know the water temp and what fish are running in this area. Most of my off-shore has been done in S. Florida. Questions: What type of fish are running? What tackle should I use? What type of bait? Where are they biting? I have a 23' walk-around with a 200hp Ocean Pro... Any help and advice is appreciated! BoNY