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  1. Trout, I prefer braid on my spinners. I use 30# power pro with a shock leader for soaking and throwing heavier payloads. Straight braid for plugging with a short steal leader when Spanish or blues are around. There are a few simple knots that work quit well with braid that dont take long to learn. There is also a slight learning curve with braids you will pick up on quick. Now on my conventionals, I like Tritanium 17# mono. Great strength and low memory. I use 60-80# shock leaders. Hope this helps.
  2. Hey Racewire, Thanks , I know what you mean on the girls my wife is the same way if the fish arn't biteing one after another she loses interest fast. Do you go down to the Core banks? We go down every year in Nov to the south island we catch the ferry out of Davis NC. I Love that place.

  3. Hey R&R, just got done looking through your pic gallery. NICE!! It is really great to see that you are passing along the tradition to your boys. I only have girls, and their patients is short lived. Great job!! Maybe we'll meet in the sand someday.

  4. Chances are I'll be in Surfside 2nd week, and tend to hit Pawley's a couple of times. Maybe I will run into ya or we can get together and wet a line. Truthfully, I have not had a lot of luck at Pawleys in July. Sharks have been about the extent of it, with the occasional small blue.
  5. Did not see this anywhere here so I figured I'd give you guys a heads up. I called the one in Pineville NC to confirm. From what I have read, everything in the warehouse has been sent to the stores for liquidation within 90 days. The guy I talked to said that the fishing gear was currently 10-30% off and I guess the discounts will be deeper as the closing date gets closer. I am getting ready to head there now and will give an update as to what I find. Hate to see anybody have to close up, but figured you guys might want to take advantage of the deals.
  6. Ya just never know, I work with a group of guys that are surf fishing addicts. And quit a few freshwater anglers. Some of us went on a charter out of Nags Head last year. Was hoping to hit some Tuna, but as luck would have it, not a one, but we did manage to get quit a few dolphin. Good time anyways. How far are you from Charlotte? Send me a PM and give me a price and maybe I can work something up. We are always up for catching fish. Thanks for the welcome and offer. Rick
  7. Welcome, from one newbie to another.
  8. OK, before someone smacks me on the hand, this is the first thread I've been to for a little while. What show are you guys speaking of. And just FYI, I just stumbled across the site as well, searching around.
  9. Thanks, we always stay in Surfside every year and are always looking for good places to eat. We used to go to MI quite a bit, but the last few years have had some bad experiences, do you have some recommendations for really good seafood and not the tourist trap buffets. We use to really like the Ghost Ship (I know, tourist trap buffet) it was good most times, but sense they moved it sucks. Look forward to some good recommendations from you locals. We really enjoy Hanser House in Litchfield. The stuffed flounder and hush puppys are awsome.
  10. Dave, I've also been in the automotive industry for 25+ years. If ya ever need to put heads together, let me know. Be glad to help as well.
  11. Well said Dixie, Nascar has been catering a temporary fan base I call "fad-fans" People who were all into the sport because it became cool. These were famous and upper income people, willing and able to pay the absorbedant prices for race tickets and accommodations. What happened is it out grew the facilities were it was born and raised on. So greed took over and inverstors stepped in and built these mega tracks capible of holding over 160,000 people and now with the downturn in the economy no-one can afford or are willing to give any of there disposable income on racing. What I'm trying to say is Nascar has alianated it's roots and are about to pay a big price for it. It's no differant why pro stick and ball sports don"t survive well down south, other than where there is a large influx of northeners to that region. I'm with ya, give me back North Wilksboro, The Rock, 2nd Darlinton and so on. BTW, Nascar will never be as it was when The Man (#3) was here. He had em by the balls, and they both Knew it. Once he was gone, they were never going to let anyone else do that ever again!!
  12. I joined last week just to find old friends, better than classmates, and it's free. It is cool how it networks people from your profile info.