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  1. finally got to fish <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">ai</acronym></acronym> in the off road zone ,just not the way the rest of you do. took my boat out the <acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City">oc</acronym></acronym> inlet and headed south about 20 miles? took me 1 1/2 hours to get where i wanted to get to ,about half way down the orv zone . anchored about 1/4 mile off shore. i'm sure some of you <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">ai</acronym></acronym> guys had to have seen me and laughed saying look at this nut. spent about 4 -5 hours fishing and caught 40 shark ranging from3' up to a monster 8 1/2' ,i think its called,sand tiger. most were in the 4'-6' range. was in 30' of water chumming and using fresh bunker. used up 25lbs of them. tried this new braided stainless leader 50lb test ,that was supposed to be for shark and other toothy fish, still only got in 50%of what i hooked. they bit through that with no problem . wanted to stay longer but ran out of leader ,100'of it, and the 25 hooks i had . got some pics that i'll post soon as i get them on the computer. not many was hard to get them out there by myself. thanks for the tips they really helped out there. if anyone can tell me what kind of shark they are , i would like to know
  2. last time i swam a bait out was about 15 years ago i the summer had abite before i got back to shore , dont know what it was . didnt have the rod secure enough ,it was in the bed of the truck . the line must have got tangled around 1 of the eyes. when i got on shore i saw a trail leading into the water where the rod had been draged down the beach. never found the rod
  3. found my compass. believe me i take no offence to any who call me nuts or crazy!! every1 tells me calls me these things especialy when they get to know me. I'm the kind of nut that would swimm his baits out 2-300 yards and drop them if it took that to catch a fish to brag about. have you heard any weather reports for tomorrow or sunday?
  4. no ship to shore radio, only charts on the chesapeake. Do have a working compass , if i can find it. been aprox 15-20 miles out before out of indian river inlet and have been in 4-6'waves in bay in 35-40winds. Last heard 5-10 winds tomorrow. am planing on going tomorrow . if anyone has any wind reports that differ please let me know before tomorrow morning
  5. thanks for the info. will give it all a try. if any of you are on the beach toward the end of the month and see some nut in a 16' white boat heading south off shore of AI ,that will be me.
  6. you can also pick up good catches of perch bottom fishing around the shallower pilons of the bridge using bloodworms,grass shrimp , peelers
  7. the mouth of the magothy should produce some catches of rockfish and blues ,if not it should be very soon . live line small spot or white perch or throw out a bag of chum and use cut bait . use light to medium rods with8-12 lb line . a 3/4oz egg sinker ,swivel,60-80 lb leader approx 2-3' long ,and about a 2/0 hook . the heavy leader is because of the teeth of the blues. cath the spot for bait in about 8'-12' of water using small hooks tiped with bloodworms and a 1oz weight . you want to fish in about 18'-30' of water.
  8. I am planning to head to Oc at the end of the month and bring my boat but dont really want to go out more than about 7-8 miles as i don't have a gps or a large boat . have been out of site of land before . any tips on best way to catch any shark. bigger the better. can anyone help me out here?
  9. let me know if you wanna give them big cats a try?

    if you want you can give me a call when you want to hook up for fishin

    my # is 240-205-2867

  10. yea dre' its a monster but there are bigger there ive seen 50lb ers caught. if you wana give it a shot i'll probably be going back there either this sunday or next weekend " maybe both" . if you wanna give it a shot let me know? in fact anyone who wants to give it a shot just chip in towards the bait n gas n i'll take you there n show you how n where to get them . usually cost me about 50- 60$$ for gas n bait. usually hook up on 3-5 a day plus smaller ones. just let me know n i'll tell you what you need to bring (rods n tackle).
  11. no steve i messed up ,didnt hit the 2 hard enough, it was this past saturday 6/27/09. my right arm and back is still sore!
  12. were you at loch raven today ? if so i keep missing you at these local holes

  13. caught it on a spinner bait with tandem willow leaf blades. spoke to the game warden at fort washington marina when i came in saturday . he told me piscataway creek is so full of them that they find them jumping out of the water onto the docks sometimes up to 1 a week.