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  1. Sent mine back 3 times in 4 years. Broken arm and nose piece same as above. I bought my first pair of Costas this year. They are rugged and quality. The MJ's are far more comfortable but are no good for fishing & boating.
  2. delayed till Monday. Should be interesting. I won,t be here to witnes the launch but maybe I'll some trailers from SC.
  3. Still been going oceanfront every day for a couple hours. No fish but did try this new panoramic app on my phone. Looks pretty amazing!
  4. Bucks Place had some nice bunker yesterday & All tackle was going to get some in yesterday as well...
  5. 4-8 ocean side again tonight. East wind smaller waves and current rolling South. 12's barely held. no fish
  6. Mid town OC from 7:30-11 tonight. Light offshore breeze big waves & lots of current. Beautiful night no bites.
  7. fished oceanfront 49th st from 11-3:30... na da. Nice day a little breezy.
  8. Do you remember this? probably your start as a surf fisherman...
  9. I did get out in the boat yesterday and was amazed to see 20-30 porpoise in the West Channel early about 08:30. Did one long drift and cought one sea robin. Boat ran great... Can't complain! Was back to the ramp @ 11:45 and home 15 minutes later before it got too crowded & too hot on the bay.
  10. ... at least you know what you have to look forward too... BOAT... did you know it's an acronym? Stands for Bust Out Another Thousand! Best of luck and enjoy. Congratulations!
  11. Hmmm... lashing a ladder to the deck of a skiff. That's a first for me. nice pix!