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  1. Check out the Long Acres Motel. They have rooms and cottages and are exceptionally clean and affordable. At the intersection of 707 and 50. Usually a vacancy without a reservation and I often go there when I get exhausted and didn't plan on lodging.
  2. Last weekend there were alway 3-4 in sight at ground level. I figured the drum were about to start and ...... This weekend the winds were too strong for them
  3. I recommend the Ocean Master 11 or 12 foot with a penn 525. They come in Spinning also if you prefer. I landed a roughtail ray that was over 6 feet wing tip to wing tip with the OM and penn. Kept pulling me in standing but when I sat and dug in I made short work of landing it.
  4. We used to throw them back or use them for bait (excellent by the way) until the locals in NC were swarming us every time we pulled one in to ask us for them. We kept a couple and have been keeping them ever since. Gut them immediately and keep them in a bag and you'll like them even better.
  5. Our ling aren't lingcod or even related to fish properly called ling. Ling is a local name for members of the hake family. Search for "red hake" or "spotted hake" the two species commonly called ling on the atlantic coast. I used to catch a lot of them in the winter at OBX on smaller bluefish rigs. Try a hook about the right size for a 1-3lb blue. I got a few last winter on king rigs but the smaller blue rigs are about right with or without floats. They take squid or clams quite well but won't hesitate to take small chunks of bunker or other fish. I got a couple of blues in that blow on Monday. The southern beach was unfishable and I only saw two other anglers all day. Google "squirrel hake for an article that applies fairly well to either red or spotted hake. There are several species on the atlantic coast. They are a good eating fish (related to cod). They deteriorate rapidly and should be gutted, kept dry by putting them in a ziploc and iced immediately. Scott, I may be out this weekend with a couple of rods out for hake. Let me know if you're going out.
  6. Nice photo's guys, that's me sitting on the next point north. It was good seeing you again Scott, I left with a 32" striper and one big blue. Lost several blues that bit through my 80lb leader. They wouldn't touch the two wire leader rigs I had out.
  7. I have a Vector that is only down to 3/4 after a month in the truck. Has a 210 lb pump that doesn't heat up and shut down while filling an empty tire. The light is on a 10 ft cable and comes in handy at the back of the truck. Will run a 110v radio all night with no appreciable decrease in charge.
  8. Wasn't caught by me. I fed the crabs all night. Every head was chewed to pieces in 20-30 minutes. Did find an unusually deep hole though. When I put 3 rods out I noticed that the end rod had the line going down at an unusually steep angle so I moved over about 50 yds and sure enough it was the deepest hole I've ever fished from the beach. Only had one nice run all night and it was dropped before I could get to the rod.
  9. Hey Scott, how many of those 8 inch blues do you want? I'll save you a few next time. I had a friend out for his first time surf fishing Sat. and while teaching him to catch blues I must have landed a bucket full. Had one rod out hoping for pompano but managed to catch 3 windowpanes instead. My friend did well on the blues after learning to keep on top of his rod. I picked up a heavy conventional rig 2-3 weeks ago and was pleased to see that I was getting more distance out of it than my old heavy spinner. The practice I've had putting out heavy baits with it in the last couple of trips must have honed my technique. I rigged the big spinning rod with a bunker head for the first time since getting the conventional and now I can consistantly put it a good 25 yds farther than the new rig. From the noises the spinning rod now makes I have the feeling I'm not really loading the new rod properly yet. I'll have to work on that.
  10. I use a Vector jump starter with a 400w power invertor, 2 12v plugs, flourescent light, and a 210lb air compressor. I can run a radio for hours and still jump start the truck if the battery dies. The light is on a cable and very handy at times. I use it to recharge phone, gps, and weather radio. Best of all it fits under the seat.
  11. Boy!.....it only costs me about $4.00 to fish the southern beach....
  12. Thanks guys! You caught me in my summer respite from the beach waiting for Sept. I've been hitting the trout streams in PA to get my fishing fix.