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  1. I'll second the Good Year Wrangler. Buddy of mine has them and not only does he get extremely good wear out of them, he is on the beach every week and never digs in or gets stuck.
  2. Glad to see you are up and running again. Let's get some reports up.
  3. It's in my blood. Love the environment. The fresh air, sunshine or not, and the vast body of water is alive and makes me feel the same way. Catching a fish now and then just adds to the excitement.
  4. I googled it up. Only report I see is from July. Where are you getting your information?
  5. Really nice pics (and fish too!). Thanks.
  6. Have an LDX that I currently use. Had it for I guess almost 3 years. It's a good 3-5 ounce distance rod. Works best for me with 4 ounces. I have the spinning variety. Use it with a Daiwa Emblem Pro. Used it to death and itstill looks new. Wash it down after each use with Turtle Wax Car wash. Only thing I changed was the length of the butt. I cut it down 2 inches. Makes it easier for me to handle. Good luck if you get one.
  7. That's great! You need to post some pics for all to see. Congratulations to all who participated. Any fish caught was a bonus and fun for all, I am sure!
  8. Great story. Wish I had more opportunities like it and more time to take advantage of them. Makes me think back to my younger days when I would spend nights fishing just listening to nature and all it had to offer. The peace and tranquility was worth it.
  9. Not certain, but I think they take a whole fish and grind it up for testing purposes. That says little about what you and I may eat in the form of a filet. It would be nice to get some clarification.
  10. Thanks for the info. How many miles of beach can you drive with a valid permit? Do they close all or a portion for plover nesting, etc?
  11. Fish NJ and drive Brigantine Beach. The sand is usually packed down pretty good. On occassion, you drive through some powdery soft stuff but it isn't often. How are the beaches in Delaware? Could an '04 Explorer navigate without too much difficulty? Also, where are you permitted to drive and are you limited during the summer months? Work with a guy who raves about Delaware Beaches. Likes Indian River Inlet alot. Any information would be appriciated.
  12. Great pics. Can't wait!