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  1. I caught a Scallop Hammer Head Shark at night from the point at Wrightsville Beach about 30 miles south of Topsil this summer but cut my line and let it go before it got beached. Wasn't about to deal with that thing in the dark and alone. It was only about 5 feet long but a blast to catch. I caught it with a live Bunker (menhaden) I netted in the wash. Must have been lost because that was it for the rest of the summer.
  2. Ok, thanks for the input. My wife and I are taking a drive down that way this March but I won't be taking any of my fishing gear with me. When we do finally move I'll be a frequent contributor to this site. Thanks Again
  3. So what other fish are targeted when the Stripers are gone? We have our summer bluefish runs, and I've caught fluke in the suds over the years, but is there any other fish caught in those waters from the surf that are not caught in NJ waters?
  4. I'm from New Jersey and plan on re-locating to the Wilmington area when I retire soon. I've been surf fishing the Jersey shore for about 20 years now and would like to continue the sport I love on the beaches of <acronym title="North Carolina">NC</acronym> when I move down there. I've been using fresh Bunker and Clam for bait all these years on a high-low rig with two 7/0 circles hooks to catch Striped Bass. Are these baits used in <acronym title="North Carolina">NC</acronym> as well, and are they readily available in tackle shops? If not, what are the baits and rigs they DO use in <acronym title="North Carolina">NC</acronym>? Thanks in advance. TSC
  5. I use fresh clam or bunker. I've never used sand crabs. Maybe because I'm too lazy to dig for them once I get on the beach.
  6. PLACE: ISLAND BEACH STATE PARK FISH: STRIPED BASS (30") BAIT: BUNKER CHUNKS TIME: 5AM This fish was one gluten if I say so myself. His gut was filled with a bunch of sand crabs, two bunker chunks, (one mine) and a small crab.