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  1. I launch from Cedar Creek Marina which is oppisite the ramp, I have never had any problems at low tide (21' WA) just watch your depth finder so you stay in the channel and line your self up directly to the pilings at the house. I have never seen less than 5' in the channel. The ramp is steep at low tide, probably depends on the weight of your boat when pulling out. I did see a truck on day RWD spinning tires. You won't know till you try. The current does not rip like Bowers.
  2. What they said, I fish DE beaches and most entrances have air stations, I have a backup that I bought at West Marine, do not know how good it is but in a pinch when you break the bead it will work.
  3. I may be down Sat. to wet a line, the weather looks good:blob1:
  4. The water temp is right in the first block with the air temp:happy8:
  5. Welcome aboard, if your going to be near Dover you have Bowers Beach (Upper Bay) right there and 15 miles south Slaughter Beach (Lower Bay). Nice concrete ramps, don't forget your boaters license (this will give you a fishing license once your a resident) and your fin number. Watch the wind, tides and weather.
  6. :director:Have used this site for a few years for the IRI surf forecast, found it very useful. Indian River Surf Report, Surf Forecast and Surf Webcams
  7. Another new guy here, I am a couple other sites also. I hope to learn and meet new friends here. I am out of Cedar Creek Marina and also an avid surf fisherman:hello: