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  1. Long lining is this. Surf rod with a 3 way swivel. on one of the other ends of the swivel you attach a 3 inch leader with a 5 or 6 ounce weight. On the third eye of the swivel you attach a 3-4 foot leader with a fly on the end. You cast downstream and the current carries the rig up current. You then retrieve when you get near the coast gaurd station and repeat.
  2. Fish on the Susequehanna spawned Saturday and Sunday. Look for the cows to head back down the bay.
  3. Dam, you are totally booked on Easter Sunday. ARRGGGGG. I finally have a few days off. Glad to you are filling trips. Is there a way to put my name on a waiting list?
  4. I have off 2 days, was wondering the same thing. Was contemplating a trip down.
  5. Susky flats are on fire!
  6. Water temps in the Susquehanna in the 60's already. Flats has proved to be a bust so far. Some big fish being caught above Lapidum Landing in no mans land. Herring and Shad in the river. Rockfish have seemed to skip the flats this year, unless they havent gotten here yet.
  7. Fished Lower Susquehanna today. Several small Spent Yellow Perch, a few schoolie Rock. Small white perch in the mix. Larger Rockfish are being caught at Turkey Point, but nothing to really write home about yet.
  8. Got to do almost no fishing this year due to busy workload. This trip made up for it. Right outside PAX, 50 inches 55lbs. Fish of a lifetime for me.
  9. I made something like this years ago out of a modified spud gun.
  10. Last time I fished Keybox beach I was the only one on the beach. Drove pretty far down and started fishing. Low and behold not half hour later here came a family with kids and plopped down right next to me. Not another person in sight mind you. The lady told me that she was now swimming here and I had to move off the beach. I simply laughed at her and reminded her that there was not another person to be seen, with miles of beach and that she chose to come to where I was. The sign on the road said "Fishing" and that I paid a lot of money for the privileged to drive on this beach and fish. I had managed to land a rather large dogfish which made her angry. Told me that she was calling the "police" because I was endangering her children by catching sharks. The ranger that showed up told her to get lost.
  11. Yes, The attitude of many of the people there leaves a lot to be desired. Witnessed fisherman cutting others lines when snagged, casting 6oz sinkers at boats, and cussing people out when they cast "to far". Its a shame, the "regulars" really keep a lot of people from enjoying the area.
  12. Day or night? what kind of fish are you trying to get? I tie a lot of flies. Bunker or herring patterns work well white on bottom, green on top, a decent amount of flash. I like surf candies or epoxy minnows. I fish a lot at night so Purple and Black are my preferred. You can do great on black during the day, esp in the surf.
  13. CHSP Pier a few nights ago.